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Also, Fajitas & 'Ritas' nachos are not as good as Cambridge Commons'.

[gym] ~35min weight room
One of the leg machines was on 50 rather than 40, and I didn't realize that initially, and it was fine.
The arm-pull-down machine was on 50 instead of 40 and I opted to leave it there.  The 3rd set was really difficult -- though then the next arm machine I did (after doing a leg machine in between) felt really easy (like moreseo than usual).

When I left my house this morning, I had my umbrella in my hand because I thought it was raining, but it was only misting.  Leaving the gym, though, I opted for the tunnels as it looked to be pouring out and I just didn't wanna bother with an umbrella and everything for such a short trip to my building.  "It looks like night outside," someone said.
Apparently it has been wet.  I went to Widener (in a spot between the rain, though I brought my umbrella just in case), and Baker Lawn had patches of thin pale mushrooms.


I went to The Crossing tonight.  I had a lot of moments of, "Oh, this was not what I was expecting," and, "Oh, you're progressive but not CWM," and "Church: ur doin it wrong," but I actually freaked out during Communion.  Ironically, over dinner afterward, when we were talking about this, Rev.Steph powerfully articulated what it means to her for the Elements to be Body and Blood -- the life of Jesus coursing through you, etc. -- and I said, "If you had said that during the service, I would have said, Communion: ur doing it right."  Beautifully, another parishioner who joined the conversation realized (and articulated) how he reacts differently to the Eucharist depending on what's said (yeah, they're emergent rooted in Episcopal but they often do extemporaneous Eucharist prayer, and with different people presiding week to week, even the available spectrum of eucharistic theology changes from week to week, as Chris phrased it) even though he grew up Catholic and doesn't consciously register what's being said.  I said, this is why I tell people "church: ur doin it wrong," because if something's is bothering me, it's probably bothering someone else and they're just not saying anything -- well that and because I'm a bitchy control freak.

Yes, I will post at length tomorrow about all the ways in which I think they do church wrong and what freaked me out about Communion.

For now, my conclusion is that I like Chris a lot.  I was touched by how grateful he was that I (1) came to The Crossing, (2) told them they were doing it wrong.  He hugs like he means it (like whoa).  And he calls me "sis."  ♥
Tags: church: boston: the crossing, communion, food: boston area, future liturgical planner, gymming it up, weather

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