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Now We Are (Twenty-)Six

My mom emailed me this morning:
Happy Birthday Beautiful!

Happy birthday to you,
      Happy birthday to you,
              Happy birthday, dear Elizabeth ,
                      Happy birthday to you!

Did we get a gift? Yes
      Send a card? Yes
            Bake a cake?  Saturday

I think we got you covered :-)

Hope people are lovely to you today!
[if not, those mama bear claws will come out and git ‘em]

Unsolicited, Greg wished me a happy birthday and gave me a hug.

Ben picked up chocolate coffee cake at the grocery store (in honor of the incoming doctoral students, I think).  We each had 3 slices.

Rey the mail guy (37 tomorrow) gave me a hug.  \o/


I feel like I know very few people outside of my department, but the list of people I invited to lunch was actually really long -- except everyone had a summer class or a deadline or a doctor's appointment or was home sick or whatever, so that got deferred to next week.  Sigh.  (I was really kind of in the mood for Le's' peanut ginger tofu.  Boo.  I ended up having trail mix instead.  I thought about getting Spangler stirfry and eating outside with a book, except I just couldn't bring myself to -- I dunno, I had spates of weird today.  I came home and had leftover tofu stirfry and a banana, though, so I feel okay about my body.)


All the cheap hair places in Davis close at like 6pm, so I decided fuck it and went to Salon Cu.  Birthday present to myself, or something.  Fixing last month's haircut.

I forgot how nice it can be to get my hair cut at a f'real salon.  ("You have awesome hair," Lauren-the-stylist said.)  And they style it so it looks way nicer than it ever will on my own -- so arguably I should have done it Saturday before our big party.  Oh well.

I also feel really badass, 'cause coming home I was approaching the Boston Ave. intersection and it had a walk light and so I jogged across to make the light and I just kept jogging/running until I got home.  I remember when I lived in Norwood I'd be walking somewhere and would get in the mood to run and I'd probably more like sprint for a block or two and then have to stop so I didn't die.  So tonight I felt like, "Hey, this is what one is able to do after one has done the treadmill three times a week for months.  \o/"  (GoogleMaps Pedometer tells me the distance from the intersection to my house is ~0.488mi, so it's totally not wicked badass, and I was definitely breathing heavily by the end, but whatever.)

And wow, my whole mood was so improved by having happy hair.

And I laundered my winter sheets and put my spring sheets on my bed, and I washed dishes.  And I got to talk to my bff, and it was substantive and easy and just good.

And my housemate read me a bunch of #1stdraftmovielines.

I heard fireworks around 9:30 and 9:50.  I had forgotten that Somerville's fireworks were tonight until the hair stylist asked me if I was going.  I suppose I could have gone for my birthday, but I am very okay with my decision to not go.


Jeremy wished me "Happy "43 notifications from Facebook" day!" so of course I did up the stats:
facebook: 8 (plus Jeremy plus one early one from Alexis in Finland, and a facebook gift from another friend)
LJ: 3
email: 5 (not counting all the replies to my birthday lunch email that said things along the lines of "sorry I can't come to lunch, but have a happy birthday")
also: phonecall from my brother

Following the posting of this (which was not a plea for more happy birthday wishes, I swear -- though I certainly will not reject them):
3 6 LJ comments, 3 LJ posts, 1 2 facebook Wall posts
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