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SCBC / CWM [2009-07-12]


    Ross opened prayer group by reading James 5:13-16, which of course I found problematic, but I didn't say anything 'cause it didn't seem the appropriate moment.
    We just lifted up the personal prayer concerns that were particularly on our heart.
I felt somewhat weird because I was purposely limiting myself to concerns which were strongly on my heart, but it was mostly okay.
    I still feel like whenever Ross prays for my best friend's depression and anxiety that he doesn't really *get* mental illness, but I don't know how to make that better.
    Hearing my prayer concerns voiced by other people was actually really uplifting.
I had lifted up (in an appropriately vague manner) CWM and our supply pastor and the challenges of that, and Ross prayed that I may speak with grace and truth and for the supply pastor prayed for "the ministry You have entrusted to him."


CWM: 6th Sunday of Pentecost

(Can I just say how excited I was to see the specific Sunday listed?  I know we're using a summer bulletin template, which I totally understand and endorse, but I've gotten so used to knowing where we are in the liturgical year based on CWM's bulletin.)

Some time after I'd gotten home, my housemate asked me, "Did church get it right tonight?"  She was at Local 50 that afternoon and had been talking to Cate about it.  I said I was amused that non-church folk were discussing this.  She said, "It's rare that a devout person says the church got church wrong; it's pretty intriguing conceptually."  Possibly I am just a natural born critic, but it doesn't seem strange to me at all.  I mean, obviously if something's really not working for you you should quit, but it's not like there aren't frustrations that crop up along the way...


Job 16:1-6
Romans 1:8-12

He talked about a music class he took and how the instructor said the 1st rule is: show up.
hot, dry, dusty speeches
words of encouragement/comfort -- have to come from another
Paul: mutual strength and encouragement

[Edit: He's posted his sermon to the blog.]

He almost never said "he," instead saying "Job" and "Paul" umpteen times, and mentioning raising his kids he said, "my partner" rather than "my wife."  It doesn't feel entirely natural to me, but if he is doing it just to accomodate CWM language I am mostly okay with that.

During Prayers of the People, all of the prayers I lifted up came complete with stories (which meant I didn't actually end up listing all of the, but that's okay).

We had a lot of visitors, and during the Passing of the Peace one woman said to me, "I'm sure I've seen you before."  I said that was entirely possible (though she didn't look at all familiar to me) and as I was mentally running through other churches, Smith College, etc. to try to place her, she said, "Did you go to MJ?"  Indeed :)  She found CWM by doing a websearch for gay churches; Marla was glad to hear that CWM came up :)

[Sidebar: What is up?  I really do not feel like I look particularly memorable, and yet, at Coolidge Corner on Friday, "Alona" said hi to me on the sidewalk -- we went to the same high school together, but it took until Sunday for my brain to process the name and the face such that I actually recalled that yes I had known her.  FCS-Ben said hi to me on the T a couple weeks back, but that is less weird because we have interacted more than once in the past year.  Then Tuesday morning when I was waiting for a funeral procession to cross at Powder House, a guy said hi to me and I admitted I didn't know where I knew him from and he said CWM and I realized oh yeah I did know who he was.]
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