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[update] catching up / getting back in the habit

[~6hrs sleep] Monday [gym] 45min treadmill (3.0incline, 4.5mph)

[~6hrs sleep] Tuesday[gym] ~35min weight room.
Again I did the the prone leg curl at 50, the arm pulldown at 40, the vertical chest press at 50, and I upped the standing leg curl from 5 to 10 as planned.
I did the longpull at 50, which I think I've done before though not often; it was doable but difficult.
I started reading my copy of Smart Girls Do Dumbbells again earlier in the morning, mostly looking to see if the free weight exercises I've been doing are in there.  Apparently I've been doing classic forward curls (biceps) and something like military presses (deltoids).  I adjusted the "military presses" to be the version in the book; I think this "new" version strains my back less.

[~5.5hrs sleep] Wednesday [gym] 45min treadmill (3.0incline, 4.5mph).

[~5.5hrs sleep] Thursday [gym] ~40min weight room.  Some of that was rest and water breaks, though I was pleasantly surprised that by about halfway through I could just keep going.  (I think this happens a lot.)
The "rowing" machine is feeling easy at 4.0 (x 12.5), so I think I may move it to 4.5 next week.
The Nautilus lower-back is also feeling easy at 110, and I know I did it at 125 once (plus there are 5 and 10 increments), though I worry that I'm doing it wrong.  (Yes, I know I should just ask one of the trainers.  I should also ask when they think the leg extension machine is gonna be repaired.)
And I'm considering upping the standing leg curl from 10 to 15.

[~7hrs sleep] Friday [gym] 45min treadmill (3.0incline, 4.5mph).
As usual, being better rested makes this easier.


I woke up around 6 this morning and was confused as to why I hadn't turned my alarm on.  And then I remembered that it's Saturday.  I went back to sleep a few more times -- which is probably what I should have done on Tuesday.  I was still feeling kinda tired during much of the day, though -- I suspect part of that is that I didn't get optimal-quality sleep what with it being warm&humid.

I did some returns/exchanges at the Pru, went to Sears and actually obtained pants that don't suck (Lee jeans ftw, as usual).

I stopped at ArtBeat.  Failed to find CWM.  Did see FCS.  James put a lei with a purple heart on me.  I walked around and thought I saw all the booths (though as I said, I didn't see CWM anywhere).  I think I should do ArtBeat with a companion -- I wasn't feeling all that motivated to actually stop at most any of the booths... though part of that is also that there were lots of people and it was kind of hot out and I was already carrying stuff.  [P.S. Dad, I didn't get you anything from this booth, but...]

When I got home, Melissa commented on the fact that I was wearing a lei.  I explained that I'd gone to ArtBeat and at the table for the church I attend Wednesday evening service, someone had put on one me.  Thinking of Comstock*, I said, "So yeah, I got lei'd at church."
Melissa's friend N. said something like, "That's horrible."
Melissa: "No, that's beautiful."
*Comstock House in the quad at my alma mater had a Get Lei'd party every year.

Later, during a conversation about ADD, Melissa said to N: "Did you really just get distracted by a shiny object?"


I was reading the Amazon reviews of Harry Potter's Bookshelf: The Great Books behind the Hogwarts Adventures by John Granger and the first one I read mentions "Gothic stories whose influence actually puts Harry in a role usually given to heroines" and the second one mentions "the chapters on Gothic elements in Harry Potter (Snape as Heathcliff and Harry as gothic "hero/ine")"  So if Harry is a gothic heroine and Snape is Heathcliff...
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