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[8 things] true facts about me

From a recent-ish Magpie Girl post:
All this joy and confusion has got me to wondering: “What are the core things I know about myself?” In the face of expectations from family and friends, what do I know to be true? Furthermore, what do their response to my presence tell me about myself? So here’s *8Things I Know for Sure About Moi.
My attempt:

1. I am a bright, brilliant, beloved Child of God (and I am beautiful to behold).

Okay, I feel less "for sure" about the "beautiful to behold" part, but I am certain that I am loved by God.

2. I have strong caring, protecting, nurturing urges towards those I love.

3. My attraction to people is not dependent upon the other's sex/gender.

It's funny, I ping that queer people are "my people," but I don't even think about my sexuality as a Thing (possibly because the people I have been mutually interested in have been male and thus heteronormatively acceptable -- and yes I know that elides the way in which each of those relationships is/would be socially unacceptable in a different way).

4. Stories are tremendously important to me.  I love tellings-and-retellings (vampire mythos, fairy tales, the Bible), and also I craft stories to make sense of my and others' personal history.

5. The Christian story is specifically important to me.


Feel free to suggest additional True True Facts about me.

Also, please feel free at any time to ask me to clarify anything I say in here.  [Feel free to email me (hermionesviolin@livejournal) or LJ-message me if you'd rather do that than leave a comment.]  I tend to assume that everyone has all the relevant context, which of course they don't always.  And anyone is welcome to comment on anything, I just ask that you be respectful.
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