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[the hills of Iowa] nothing will separate us from the love of God

So, last night Ari hit a deer while she was driving home to Kansas City from Omaha. (She is physically unscathed, though the car is not.) She stayed overnight in a motel in Iowa. She hadn't thought to bring her cell phone charger (or much of anything else) since it was just going to be a day trip. Phone cards ftw. (Yes, we rather more appreciate CallunaV's mentality now.)

She called me this morning to check in.

Somehow I got talking about how L. had asked me to hold onto letters to some of her loved ones in case her plane crashed, and how this always makes me think of how people would coordinate notifying if I died -- especially since I have a flight upcoming. (For example, Tiffany's on maternity leave, so I would want Laura Ruth to do the funeral.)

I commented that I could email as an attachment a draft entry complete with password info, so there could be a top-level LJ post rather than conversation in comments.

Ari said: "The real question is: what would it be tagged?"
I have a "death" tag, but I don't have a funeral planning tag -- though I do have a "planning ahead" tag.

So then of course after we hung up I was still thinking about what I would tag it. "we believe in the resurrection of the body"? part of Romans 8:37-39? I pulled up my draft entry of the "Making the Faith Our Own" session on funeral planning (well, the topic was death, but Molly invited us to participate in an exercise about planning our funeral, which I thought was AWESOME) and was reminded of John 11:25-26 as well, but then at the end of that entry I mentioned Orson Scott Card's Speaker for the Dead. I think "speaker for the dead" is a perfect tag.

Edit: And in some sort of technological weirdness, this post refuses to show up on flist, and LJ refuses to accept the tag "speaker for the dead." /edit


Speaking of bff...

Sunday night, L. called me after she'd gotten in to Logan and asked if she could come over to my place (returning from California is always somewhat depressing for her).

I told Melissa (my housemate), "She'll be here in about 20-30 minutes. Oh, that means I could call Ari."
Melissa: "Are you two capable of having a conversation that lasts less than an hour?"
me: "... Yes."

Melissa said, "For a while I just assumed she was a girlfriend."
Ha ha, no.
Tags: partners in crime, speaker for the dead

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