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Yes, i’m back.

Attend or throw a party. At the moment, Cancer is relentlessly social and endlessly entertaining. Others are more likely to follow your strong suggestions because you so rarely offer them.

Actually, at this exact moment i’m feeling kinda non-social. Left messages with a couple people earlier today and will call a couple others tomorrow.

I’ve been stocking up on hugs from my mom for the past couple weeks. What am i gonna do for 2 weeks without Layna and Marnie?

It’s nice to be back. We drove here in 1 hour, 52 minutes -- record fast time for us. Then we went to Miss Florence Diner to get something to eat. I manage to be insophisticate even in a diner. I got a chocolate frappe, and they give it to you in a tall metal glass and they also give you a normal glass and a straw. The idea obviously is to pour the frappe into the glass and drink it from that, possibly even with a straw, but it’s so much easier to just drink it from the metal glass. My other story is that the waiter asked me if i wanted my blueberry muffin grilled and i said sure. Eating it reminded me why i don’t put butter on anything -- i just don’t really like taste of butter on anything.

Saw Sara shortly after she got in. She actually initiated a brief conversation with me. Later her friend Ana was here and as they walked by my door Ana stopped ‘cause i have Amber Benson pictures up on my door. We chatted about Buffy for a while. I swear, every tenth person on this campus watches that show. I might have gone over and sat with them at dinner if i hadn’t seen Meredith first, which is a good thing because they were sitting at a back table by themselves, like Sara always does with her guests, so i probably would have been intruding and awkwardness would have ensued.

Did various errands today, so i feel sufficiently productive. Need to do some more in the next couple days (and of course do more work for Oxford). Also am hoping i can drag myself out of bed to go to church tomorrow. That would make 4 weeks in a row of churchgoing, at 4 different churches. I now have an mp3 of “Last Midnight” from Into the Woods, which makes me happy. Have been downloading all the Bernadette Peters mp3s i can find; i really love her voice.

I think i’ve restarted my computer a half a dozen times since i first turned it on this afternoon. What is wrong? *growls*

So anyway, i’m back at Smith. Call me or IM me or whatever. (Also, if you’d like to be a specific color scheme on my friendspage, lemme know. I have decided i like having color-schemed people on my friendspage but never know what to color people.)

I miss you all.

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