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I did indeed make it to church this morning. I’ve got to start striking up conversations with random people at coffee hour because i really don’t know anyone at First Churches except Peter and Jenny.

Then i came back and ended up spending nearly the whole day with Layna and Lisa. We went to Bruegger’s and then came back and watched the Buffy musical and played Scattergories and otherwise had fun. Then we went to Ichiban for dinner and i learned that you can get a lot of food for only three dollars. I ordered cucumber roll, which is 6 pieces of sushi for $2.75. Before your food arrives you get a small bowl of salad and a small bowl of miso soup. After you get your food you get a cup of tea. With the check comes an orange slice for each person, “to cleanse your palate.” And a hard candy at the end. And Smith students get a 10% discount; niceness. Gotta love the fact that i’ve been back for 4 meals and have eaten exactly 1 on campus, no?

Last night i e-mailed Sam saying maybe we could hang out sometime. (She goes to Hampshire and was in my Soc class last semester and seemed really cool.) Today she e-mailed me back and her e-mail began “Yeah totally, we should. I was hoping that I'd see you around so we could hang out or something.” Yayness. Always good when i don’t look like a big psycho or anything.

And then tonight i chatted with Charlotte for a while while she messed around in her room (she just got back today).

Tomorrow my first J-term class starts (9:30am, so i really should probably get to bed) and i’m gonna do a couple more errands (if it isn’t so bloody windy) and get in touch with some more people.
Tags: church: northampton: first churches

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