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thinking about relationships

As I said, I wasn't blown away by The Shack; but reading it these past couple days has meant I've been thinking more than usual about relationships.

A friend once joked, "You love Jesus more than you love me" -- because I wouldn't break a church commitment to have dinner with him -- and I said, "I love Jesus in loving you."

The same friend asked me last night my thoughts on panhandlers, and I stumbled for a bit and then wrapped it up by saying that I thought what I am really Christianly called to do is to buy that person a sandwich and talk with them -- I said that Jesus didn't give money to charitable organizations; he sat down at a meal with people. "But that's hard. And I hate people most of the time. So I don't do it."

When I really love people, though, the hard hard work that is being-in-relationship is just What I Do. I don't know how to explain it, 'cause it's not that it's "easy" exactly, so much as it just is What I Do, and Want to do, even when it's really hard (and certain kinds of it being hard -- like sitting with people in their pain -- almost make me more want to do it, because that is such important work, and such work of love, and work that so few people can do for any given individual).

Edit: And I think that the more we love someone, the more we want to use (and grow) our gifts and graces for them -- yes I'm in part thinking of my recent musings on doing the work of the church (and yes I know I still owe people comment responses).
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