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I hung out with Allie yesterday afternoon, and she asked me about WriterCon.  I said that one problem is that I've been really fandom adjacent in recent years.

I said that during the Fandom Roundtable, I found myself thinking, "Yes, so in fandom as in church, the stories we tell are so important," and I knew that what I really wanted to be talking about was Christianity.

I told Allie that it was weird, because when I'm in the "real world," I feel like fandom is where I live -- that the ways I engage with texts are so rooted in that, for example, and it's literally sometimes weird to me.

Allie said, "Fandom is where you come from, it's just not where you live right now."  So true.

On Friday, a friend of mine was saying that Burn Notice is on its third episode ("season," I corrected him) and hasn't been nominated for an Emmy.  I started talking about how I've learned that the Emmys are so ridiculous ... "Buffy didn't get an Emmy nom until its fifth season," and he laughed, and I said, "You mock," in this tone that implied I would fight him if he did, but he said, "No, you know all the lingo..."

[Addendum/Correction: It was actually nominated for "Hush," which was Season Four; I think I'd been thinking of "The Body" -- which did not get an Emmy nod.  And yes I know it got lots of noms for makeup and whatever, but I wasn't thinking of that at the time, because when people say Emmy noms they mean like writing/directing/acting.]

Though the past few weeks, my energy has been sapped by the weather and by loving people through their pain, so even church isn't necessarily where I live this days.
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