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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

insert Counting Crows lyrics?

My flist was so much quieter (in a good way) when LoudTwitter was broken.  Sigh.

Dangers of having folders in my GoogleReader: I keep forgetting to read The Hathor Legacy because I had it poorly filed.  Today I added a whole bunch of author/book blogs to my GoogleReader and made them their own folder.  I also added a gazillion books to my GoodReads, mostly from finally sitting down and going through the entire archive of 50books_poc (well, I got as far as March 11, 2008...).

Sidebar: Is there a way to rename your folders in GoogleReader?

When did I stop being the girl who had her travel plans all organized well in advance?  I am disproportionately pissed about Convo stuff, in large part because I miss being the girl who had all her plans well-organized well in advance.

I think the heat + emotional stuff = me at the end of my fucking rope.

I'm fine, really.  The heat wave is supposed to break soon, and I work in an (overly) air-conditioned building, and my house has an AC in the living room (and I have window-size fans for my bedroom).  And the emotional stuff is basically resolved, which I think is WHY I'm feeling so raw (and even that word sounds like an overstatement ... I think it's more that I'm just running out of emotional resources for coping -- and I expect getting some sleep, among other things, will help with that) ... because I don't need to be the strong moderate one; I can be the vulnerable girl with the unresolved issues.  And gee, there is a plan to talk about said Issues this coming Monday :)

I am also pleased with myself that my response to all this is to be forthright and transparent (while still not going out of my way to be hurtful).
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