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some sort of in between space or something

Hullo, Math Camp (or something).  We went to get lunch around 12:15 and the cafeteria was almost empty, but you walk into the dining room and it was PACKED.  (Sidebar: On the walk over, I was remembering that with school starting soon that means the Grille will be open soon.  I will have food options besides pasta vs. stir fry!)

Speaking of Math Camp, that's where Scott's been this week (well, the BizEc version, not the MBA version, obviously).  He apologized for abandoning me and as he was leaving after we caught up some he said he'd missed me :)

Around quarter of three I thought I heard thunder.  I looked out the window, and it was still bright out but the sky in the distance was dark cloudy -- rain imminent.  And the guys on the roof of Rock were hustling to get their stuff put away.  Half an hour later, the sun was out again, though the pavement was wet so clearly it had rained.

Today actually felt like we were past the heat wave.

Yesterday was the first day all week that I felt like I was really doing much real work.  Every day this week until today I left work feeling like, "I get to have a weekend now, right?"  Tonight I'm actually surprised that tomorrow's Friday.
Tags: people: h: scott k., weather: thunderstorms

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