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[update] gymming it up / giving blood / restaurants / etc.

Yeah, I have literally not had the energy to keep up with basic updating stuff (I've been keeping a running draft, but as you'll see, even that was incomplete). I am update-dumping before I leave for a long weekend in Maine.


July 20-24
[~5hrs sleep] Monday [gym] 45min treadmill (3.0incline, 4.5mph)

[~5hrs sleep] Tuesday [gym] ~40min weight room

As planned, I continued to do the longpull at 50, upped the Nautilus lower back to 125 (though I still thinking I'm doing it wrong) and the "rowing" machine to 4.5*12.5 and the standing leg curl to 15. I left the arm pulldown at 40, but it felt somewhat easy so maybe I'll up it to 50 again.

[~7hrs sleep] Wednesday [gym] 45min treadmill (3.0incline, 4.5mph).

[~5hrs sleep] Thursday [gym] ~min weight room

I upped the pulldown to 50 as planned. I actually forget what I did the rowing machine at, but it was a challenge, so I think it must have been 4.5.

[~5hrs sleep] Friday [gym] 45min treadmill (3.0incline, 4.5mph).
I think I'm gonna up this next week.


[MFA] Saturday, July 25

I went to the MFA with WalthamWoman, who wanted to see as much as possible in the time we had before closing, so that was interesting. I think we "saw" like 80% of the museum in under 2 hours. Good thing I've been there a ton and never feel invested in seeing anything particular when I'm with friends.

The Contemporary Outlook: Seeing Songs was all up (it was only partially installed last time I went through), though unfortunately it didn't live up to my expectations.

I want to look at a lot more of the Asian art next time I'm there.

I really enjoyed A New and Native Beauty: The Art and Craft of Greene & Greene


July 27-29
[~7hrs sleep] Monday [gym] 45min treadmill (3.0incline, 4.6mph)
Yeah, I upped the treadmill again.

[~6.5hrs sleep] Tuesday [gym] 40+min weight room
I forgot to look at the time until I was on my 3rd machine, and it was 40min after that.
The leg extension machine is fixed, so I did that at 40.

[~6hrs sleep] Wednesday [gym] 45min treadmill (3.5incline, 4.6mph)


August 4-7
[~11hrs sleep (recovering from WriterCon weekend)] Tuesday [gym] 45min treadmill (3.5incline, 4.6mph)
I accidentally bumped it up to 4.0incline when I was setting it, and I considered leaving it there, but I decided not to. Which given that partway through I got a pain in my side (which passed) was probably a good idea. I'd also forgotten just how recently I'd bumped it up to 3.5 from 3.0.

[~8.5hrs sleep] Wednesday [gym] ~50min weight room

[~7.5hrs sleep] Thursday [gym] 45min treadmill (3.5incline, 4.6mph)

I was giving blood after work, so I weighed myself (because they ask your weight, and I am a completionist).

[With clothes on, and with phone&keys&etc. in my pockets, I weighed 132 lb. Last time -- when I think I weighed myself just wrapped in a towel -- I weighed 137 lb. I suspect this may be linked to my not having eaten a huge amount at WriterCon.]

[~7hrs sleep] Friday [gym] ~35+min
I felt a little dizzy/lightheaded, so I opted not to do a couple of the machines.


[giving blood] Thursday, Aug. 6

I was hesitant about going to SCBC agan, despite the serious convenience factor, given how inefficient it was last time.

This time: I had a 5:30 appointment and got there at like 5:24. I was handed a #29 and had barely sat down before I got taken over to get my iron checked etc. She asked if I had read the material, and I said yes ('cause I have given blood umpteen times this year and read all the material every time and it never changes, at least not in any ways relevant to me).

(BP 98/60, pulse 64, oral temp 98.4, Hb: 12.8)

In the past I have actually hit their maximum mark of how long you can be blood-drained before they make you stop because of clotting concerns, but this time I was done in like 7 minutes. I was like, "We're done? Really?" The woman said everyone that day had been really quick.
It was like 6:00. I then dutifully sat for 10 minutes, ate two packets of cookies (one pack of Oreos and one of oatmeal raisin) and drank a bottle of water and then left.


Aug. 10-14

[~6.5hrs sleep] Monday [gym] 45min treadmill (3.5incline, 4.6mph)

[~8.5hrs sleep] Tuesday [gym] ~50min weight room

[~8hrs sleep] Wednesday [gym] 45min treadmill (3.5incline, 4.6mph)

[~3.5hrs sleep] Thursday [gym] ~45min weight room

[~9hrs sleep] Friday [gym] 45min treadmill (3.5incline, 4.6mph)


Tues. Aug. 11

I had dinner at Andala with OtherElizabeth. We ate outside because blessedly it was nice enough out to be able to do that. (By the time we parted ways, it was actually cool enough out that I would have wanted a sweater were I to remain not moving.)

I got the Avocado Press Sandwich, because I could. It came with a little like potato salad on the side, which was a nice bonus, except that there was something in the seasoning or something that I didn't like -- even though in theory I should have liked it since it was basically cold potato chunks with some oil. (I also got a banana smoothie, I think.)


Aug. 17-21

[~7hrs sleep] Monday [gym] 45min treadmill (3.5incline, 4.6mph)
I didn't ever feel my side hurt, which yay.

[~7hrs sleep] Tuesday [gym] ~45min weight room

[~6hrs sleep] Wednesday [gym] 45min treadmill (3.5incline, 4.6mph)
It was feeling easier than it had.

[~5hrs sleep] Thursday [gym] ~45min weight room

[8~hrs sleep] Friday [gym] 45min treadmill (3.5incline, 4.6mph)


Tues. Aug. 18

Cailin invited me to go out for dinner with her and Katie 'cause it was her last night in Boston or something. I assumed she would wanna do Restaurant Week, but she said actually she'd been planning on Legal. I said I wasn't very excited about Legal 'cause there's almost nothing I can eat. She said she was sorry but she really wanted to get seafood. I said that was fine.

She said she'd be fine getting salads at Cheesecake, but I said Legal was fine.
On our way to Legal (we were driving to the one in Kendall), she mentioned that we could go to Bertucci's. I strongly supported this.
I got the Spaghetti Primavera, which had lots of vegetables. I wilingly ate asparagus with no problem -- go me (asparagus always strikes me as the kind of thing I don't particularly like).

At one point Cailin asked if we thought there was pressure (at HBS, for faculty) to get married, saying yeah academia's a little different than other places but there's probably still "pressure to conform to social norms, as Elizabeth would say." Apparently I am still really obviously a Smith College grad? :)

After we got out at Davis, Katie said: "I'm going to take the bike path. Shorter and cooler. Don't die. Call me if you're going to die." (Because she has a vehicle, so she could come and rescue me.)


Fri. Aug. 21

I had dinner at Taepei Tokyo in Davis Square. I don't know if it's the same franchise as the one in Northampton. I ate at the one in Northampton once, but I wasn't feeling well then, so I have no real verdict on it (and we were going to a Dar Williams concert at the Iron Horse afterward, so I couldn't really get my meal wrapped up to go), and I'd never been to the one in Davis Square though it opened a while ago.
I got hot and sour soup, which I'd never had before, and yeah, not really my thing.
I got a peanut avocado sushi roll, which was tasty.
We got vegetable tempura for starters -- which lighter than I'd expected (which was good).


Aug. 24-27

[~7hrs sleep] Monday [gym] 45min treadmill (3.5incline, 4.6mph)

[~8hrs sleep] Tuesday [gym] ~37min weight room
I was tired, but I was able to just sort of push through, though I was resting more during some of the later exercises.

[~9hrs sleep] Wednesday [gym] 45min treadmill (3.5incline, 4.6mph)
I actually felt more physically worn out trying to push through this morning than I did on Monday.

[~7hrs sleep] Thursday [gym] ~40min weight room
(Ditto Tuesday, which surprised me, given that I was tired.)


Mon. Aug. 24

I had dinner at The Elephant Walk in Cambridge.
I got the vegetarian spring rolls for starters, which were okay.
I got the Tofu Amrita as an entree, and the tofu was fine, but I didn't eat much else, in part because of anxious stomach.


Thurs. Aug. 27

Make-Your-Own-Sundae in the Dean's House Garden.

I got vanilla ice cream and loaded up as many toppings as possible -- crushed Oreos (sans filling), M&M's, chocolate sauce, sliced strawberries, cherries. Yeah, when the faculty I came over with were getting seconds I was about halfway through my bowl.

A couple of our Unit's RA's came over at one point and we chatted and then headed back. I feel sort of bad that I only socialized with people I see all the time, but I'd been out for about 45 minutes and wasn't really feeling like seeking out more socialization. So it goes.
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