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Sometimes my life is just SO good.

I went to lunch at Davis because meals yesterday were really poor and i needed actual food. I saw lilithchilde, whom i hadn't seen in a month. We got to chat briefly before she had to go back to work. "We should have tea sometime." Honey, you really are such a Smithie. :)

And then when i got back to my room, i saw the following e-mail from the professor i had e-mailed asking for a letter of recommendation for the Oxford summer program.

Dear Elizabeth,
Which program are you going to go on? Most prefer letters of
recommendation to be sent directly to them. Write me a "horn-tooter"
letter specifying which program and why and listing other splendors of
your academic achievement, and I will sing of symphony of praise. You
did pass Romantic poetry with flying colors.

In the cause,
Pat Skarda
Tags: smith: prof: pskarda

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