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Welcome to Mountain Time.

At dinner tonight, I realized that one reason I'm tired (besides the fact that I went to bed ~12:30 and got up ~6:00) is that while the clock said 7:30pm, as far as my body was concerned, it was 9:30pm.


After having nearly missed my flight to Minneapolis, I was much more careful this trip. I was through Security at like 9am, and my boarding pass said boarding begins at 9:55am. I saw Chett ahead of me in the Security line, so we chatted. Also on our flight: Ron & Barbara, Josh, Rob, and Marla and Sean did make it.

(Oh, and I'd considered fitting everything into my purple backpack for carryon, but instead I opted for 2 backpacks and checked one, which I think was definitely the right decision.)

We actually arrived at DIA about 40 minutes ahead of schedule. Marla, Sean, Rob, and I got lunch before our shuttle. They all got Panda Express and I wasn't sure what I was in the mood for (I'd had cereal at home, and at the airport I got Dunkin's egg&cheese on English muffin and hash browns and an orange juice, all of which I ate on the flight) so I ultimately got a $3 cantaloupe cup (no $8 cheese plate for me), and later an order of fries and a chocolate milkshake from Burger King (where I got chatted up -- totally non-sketchily, I feel -- by the cashier [General Manager] who was old enough to be my father).

Sidebar: Save the Children in the airport lobby? Seriously?

Shuttle ride was uneventful. It was weird to me that the landscape was so flat and Midwestern feeling until so close to the park (I was expecting more mountains sooner).

Checked in sucessfully. (Mom, I thought of you -- "Please be aware that our yearly bear visitors are back.")

Much of CWM is (totally not on purpose) in the Rainbow Lodge -- whose wireless network is borked, so I feel really okay about not lodging with Marla et al. I think I'm like a mile from the main buildings. Chett drove me and Monica over to drop our stuff, so when I walked it alone (albeit it with a map) after dinner I didn't get too lost.

Dinner was good. I was wary of the buffet initially, but there were regular vegetables and yummy mashed potatoes and I didn't have a problem with the vegetable soup with tomato broth. And the juice dispenser includes strawberry banana kiwi juice.


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