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Wednesday night I went to bed ~10:30 and when I got up in the morning was like, "Why so tired?"  Thursday night I went to bed ~midnight (I was on the phone with Ari until ~10:30, but the rest of that is my fault) and was tired this morning, but just in the usual way.  *hands*  (I was nearly falling asleep at my desk mid-morning doing reading for class, though.  And mid-afternoon.  I told Scott, "I'm looking forward to sleeping forever tomorrow.  By which I mean until at least noon.")

I really should have just gone home and gone to bed after work, but instead I got dinner to-go at Mr. Crepe (including an iced coffee with an Almond flavor shot and a lot of skim milk -- which still tasted too much of coffee underneath that for my taste, but I stayed awake through the film, which was my goal), read for class and phoned with Ari at the MFA T stop, and went to a film at the MFA.  (I'd forgotten that because it's Friday rather than Saturday -- the last time I went to an MFA film late at night -- the museum was still open; but I enjoyed sitting on the bench, leaned up against a pole, knees bent, enjoying the fresh air ... though okay I could have done without the noisy teenagers across the tracks, and the fire engines, especially while I was on the phone.)

Oh, and Scott stopped by near the end of the workday (I hadn't seen him since Tuesday) and showed off his career fair swag (apparently H.R.T. gave out 4gig flashdrives/bottle openers) and hugged me :)  \o/


[gym] Sept. 8-11

[~5.5hrs sleep] Tuesday [gym] 45min treadmill (4.0incline, 4.7mph)
1mi @ 12:43min.  @45min, 3.55mi.

[~7hrs sleep] Wednesday [gym] ~40+min weight room
Tired, but I think I did everything, so I'm surprised the time is so low given all the resting I did.

[~7.5hrs sleep] Thursday [gym] 45min treadmill (4.0incline, 4.7mph)
Yes, this is still a challenge, so it's much easier when I'm watching something sufficiently distracting (even when that something is an episode of Charmed...).

[~6hrs sleep] Friday [gym] ~40+min weight room
Tags: gymming it up, people: h: scott k.

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