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I woke up after ~9hrs of night sleep (during which time I dreamed I was spending time with Laura Ruth, critiquing worship services I think), so this afternoon I took a nap, and my dreams included (1) my dad remembering better than me the "planning ahead" stuff I'd posted to my LJ , and (2) a conversation with some folks at HBS about which cases I had read.

I'm not quite like liz_marcs, but I've noticed that it's better for me to get out of the house and get some actual physical activity in my day.

The book group formerly hosted at Micah House is doing Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance next, and I got an email on Friday suggesting we start this coming Friday.  SOM/WEST has a copy, but they have limited hours.  Today I looked at other local libraries to see if maybe I could just pick one up today.  Medford didn't have any, and Arlington's copies were out/missing, but I decided to just walk to Arlington because I could.  I took GoogleMaps' right-angle driving route (College Ave. to Broadway), which it said was 3.2mi.  I did it in 52min.  For the return, which would be more uphill, I took a more diagonal route (Broadway to Powder House -- via North -- to Curtis to College -- via Professor's Row) which also took me 52min (GMaps Pedometer says that route is ~2.9738mi vs. ~3.2035).  It occurred to me now to tell it to give me Walking Directions.  This gives me a 2.7mi route, though it's lots of side streets.  It also tells me that will be 54min, so clearly I walk faster than average.  Which surprises no one.  (Interestingly, I hadn't wanted to go all the way to Somerville Main Branch, but GoogleMaps driving directions say it's 2.8mi from my house -- almost a half mile closer than Arlington.)

And having gotten home I didn't wanna do anything.  /o\

My facebook status is: My mom just said "trufax :)" in an email reply to me. \o/

CAUMC-Meredith emailed me: "This made me think of you - despite the url, it's not porn."

Edit: Ari emailed me:
I totally namechecked you at Seers tonight.

Also, I bought Devotional Life in the Wesleyan Tradition by Steve Harper for free at a yard sale for whichever one of us wants it. It looks like of interesting, but you're the one who !is Methodist.
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