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[ART] The Donkey Show [2009-10-02]

Last night I went to The Donkey Show ("disco adaptation of A Midsummer Night's Dream") at the A.R.T. with L.

The Donkey Show is condensed into about an hour, so it loses some of the subtlety of the Shakespeare, but it works for what it is.  It's set in Oberon's nightclub [Zero Arrow Theater has apparently been renamed Club Oberon, I learned the next day], and you have Oberon upset that Titania is messing around with other guys and he's talking like he owns her or something, in this way which made me really uncomfortable and which also set the tone of the whole show for me -- namely, that heterosexuality (and also drugs) is (at least, can be) problematic.  Which I don't know if was intentional or not, but which is a reading that works for me, given the original play and also the revamp.  Titania's fairy entourage seem pretty clearly coded as a glittery pack of gay club boys, and when Puck comes with the drugs from Oberon, they're so adorable looking protective of Titania but helpless to do anything to protect her.

Puck never speaks, which was a choice I wasn't that big on initially, though it doesn't feel awkward in the show at all -- he brings people to this doorway and you can interpret that as drugs or fairyland or whatever, and so his not speaking adds to the blurring of whether the fairy stuff is "real" or whether the lovers are just getting bad drugs (in a nod to the setting, one of the human women at one point demands of one of the human men who's acting so bizarrely, "Are you on drugs?").  Puck's having lots of fun messing with everyone's heads -- and when the human lovers are fixed, he looks really genuinely happy, so it's not like he's malicious, he's just having a lot of fun.  I thought I remembered Puck being more hesitant around the whole drugging-Titania thing, but maybe I'm just thinking too much of Ariel in The Tempest (which I've seen more recently) and projecting the Ariel-Prospero dynamic onto Puck-Oberon.

During the "curtain call," I was thinking that I missed the "If we fairies have offended, think but this is and all is mended...," but then some of the characters changed costumes -- which turned out to be acknowledging their (fucking amazing) double-casting, but my immediate thought was that it was saying, "masquerade is part of life; we're not reifying heterosexuality," which really comforted me.

I got glitter on my left arm and shoe -- dunno how, but yay.  The website says there's a pre-show at 7:30 (show at 8:00), but the pre-show dancing really lasts until about 8:30 -- and after the show, the dance party lasts another hour or so.

Also: Titania on the silks is fucking amazing.  (I am also not complaining about the fact that she wears thigh-high boots, fishnets, glittery purple bootie shorts, butterfly pasties, a masquerade mask, and nothing else.)

Waiting to get in, you stand in line outside, like for an exclusive nightclub, and the players interact with you, and there were twin guys (played by women, which I enjoyed -- not so much because I Like Girls, though of course I do, as because I enjoy genderplay) flirting with us and one of them said to me: "Nice disco balls."

I was wearing my v-neck cap-sleeved floral-print shirt.  At one point earlier in the day, Rey (our mailguy at work) started to leave and then turned back and said, "That's a nice shirt.  It fits you very well."  Uh-huh.

I'm recently, finally, slowly, internalizing the actual reality of my chest size.

Like a month ago, a friend of a friend LJ'ed about getting a bra fitting and finding out that she's not a 34C but rather a 32E.  I commented to say how I didn't wear a bra during most of high school and college and then got fitted and was a 38D(D) and that I still often forget I'm not small-chested.  She replied: "Whoa.  38DD seems rather...large to not have realized you have a chest worthy of notice and special accomodations. You must have the back muscles of a superheroine."
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