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it's good to have people who know me :)

At the Grille today, Joseph had two quesadillas in the works and looked at me and I looked at him, and he put a tortilla shell on to make my usual burrito and as he was making it he reached for the shredded cheese, as he sometimes does, and I said, "No cheese," and the woman in front of me said, "I didn't hear you order."  I said, "I didn't :) " and I further explained that I order that a lot and that I am impressed at the staff's ability to remember these things.

Ari called me around 2:30 just to say her Internet was down and so if I had sent her any important emails, like about timing for phonecall tonight...
I was in a work lull, so, um, 1 hour later...

Roza and I had dinner at Tamarind Bay and then walked around Harvard Square (I would have suggested walking homeward, but she had biked), and I showed her HBS campus (which admittedly is more picturesque in the daylight) and I thought, "If I had Scott's cell phone number I could call him and see if he's around."

It was only ~7:15pm and it's the academic year, so the Food Court and Grille were both open, so I got fro-yo (I'd been kind of in the mood for ice cream, and there we were...).

She said that she had two dates this week -- her fifth anniversary with Chaz and a first date with a guy.  I asked if she wanted to say more about the guy, and she said she had been babbling about him for the past two weeks, though admittedly not to me (we haven't seen each other in ~2months), so she said she would tell me but first she wanted to hear how things were with Terry.  So I told her, and she had some conflicting thoughts (as one does) and I would have loved to talk further (you're surprised, I know), but conversation moved in various other directions and then we got to her new boy.  She said she's been babbling to all her poly friends, "Because you understand," and I did an internal double-take because I really do not think of myself as poly (I thought of Ian and how he had really pushed back when I rejected being labeled as poly -- I personally think "poly-adjacent" is more accurate).

Edit: Story I forgot to tell -- Roza and Chaz went to Japan for 3 weeks to visit Chaz's sister, and she was telling me about it, and our food came and I asked her to stop so I could say grace, and after I was done she said, "Did I not notice this before, or did you not do this before?"  I assured her it was the latter and talked about my grace prayer and the conversation I'd had with Scott.

Also, she brought back nice hand fans for people from Japan, and she said while she was letting people pick the one they wanted, she had had one in mind for each person, and she's been wrong every time.  Heh.  (I picked the dark blue one with silver flecks.)
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