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There were whole hours yesterday wherein I forgot I was sick.  Today I was mostly just congested.  And hey, Kieran never got back to me about plans, so I get to go to bed early again.  (I realize I have turned into a person who doesn't respond to messages in a timely fashion -- though I am usually wicked prompt in responding to stuff about actual plans -- but I caught up on a whole bunch today, which I feel really good about.)

I went to bed ~10:30 last night.  My dreams this morning were clearly influenced by events of the day.  Dreams included some comfort/reconciliation -- because my brain loves me and wants me to be happy -- and also my brother being a (still more conservative than I) Lutheran.

[gym] 45min treadmill (4.0incline, 4.7mph)

On my way from the gym to the office, I saw Scott heading toward me, and we waved and then we hugged and we actually went around in I think a full 360.  (Hi, Amy, I thought of you.)

Proving that he had read my email (he has RSI, so I'm usually more surprised to get an email from him than not), he said, "You need my cell phone number, and you need mine."

He also said he didn't know if he had shared his GoogleCalendar with me.  (Cate, are you proud?  Sidebar: When we were scheduling for the weekend his girlfriend was in town, I said that the purple was my calendar, so he could ignore the blue, and he was like, "Oh, too bad, that looks like a fun calendar -- Date Night ... BOOTIE Boston...")

"Oh, and I was supposed to invite you to Simchat Torah."  ♥  I got an email yesterday afternoon from the Temple Shalom Medford young adult listserv, so I knew what he was talking about, and I also knew that I had a conflict -- Salvadorian dinner + walk around Jamaica Pond with Carolyn.

I said, "Oh, so that's what GoogleCalendar calls Rejoicing of the Torah."  We talked some more about religious holidays on GoogleCalendar, and I actually looked up Creation on October 23 (true story the Wiki entry was the first Google hit for october 23 creation) and Reformation Day.

Then he went and met with a prof and then came back and talked to me more (about NCOD, among other things) and then hugged me before he left.  \o/

After work, I was at CVS, and the Seasonal section of the greeting cards section included Pastor.  I have no idea why.  There were 7 -- 4 used male language for God, 1 assumed a male pastor, 2 were neutral.  There were also 3 Rosh Hashana cards -- 1 "to both of you," 1 "from both of us," and 1 generic (which actually read from left to right).

My Barnes&Noble order came today.  As did a notice from Payroll:  "The Payroll Office has been notified by the Cash Management Department of Financial Systems that the following check(s) made payable to [my name] have not been cashed.  [Check Amount: $744.81, Check Date: 2/3/06]  As payroll checks are non-negotiable after six months, we have enclosed a replacement check(2) for you."  That date is right after I got hired fo'real (after being a long-term temp), so my guess is that it got lost in the direct-deposit shuffle.
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