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Yesterday afternoon, I had a huge swath of dead time, and I just did not have the focus or brain to make productive use of it at all.  I gave myself permission, since I was still getting over a cold.  I went to bed around 9pm.  I woke up this morning around quarter to six -- stayed up for about an hour, went back to bed for about an hour and a half, two hours.  Swaths of time and about zero drive to do anything productive.  Had good brunch and gleeful phone calls.  And no drive to do any of the productive stuff I had told myself I would do today.  This actually deteriorated into quasi-napping at one point.  I do not approve of this trend.  I would like to have my thinky writing doing brain back, thanks.

Carolyn and I had dinner at La Pupusa Guanaca.  Walking there from Jackson Square T felt more like my foray into the Tenderloin than any of my recent forays into Dorchester or anything.  (I suspect it's the check-cashing place that most did it -- since I recall my mom after the fact being like, "If you're in a place with lots of Checks Cashed Here signs, maybe you shouldn't be walking alone after dark.")  The place we ate at reminded me of the Mexican place I ate at my first night in SF, though even smaller.

I think I'm still not very good at saying grace when I'm by myself, but I stopped both Chris and Carolyn today so I could say a silent grace after we got our food.  (They're both Christian, so I could have said it aloud, but that still feels weird to me.)

Primary takeaway from conversations today: What is particularly Christian about this enterprise (whether that enterprise is church or a particular program of the church)?

It was dark by the time Carolyn and I left the dinner place, but we walked north on the Jamaicaway until it hits Huntington Ave., at which point we picked up the 39 and took it to just past Copley (I hadn't realized it loops around from Copley to Back Bay) where we walked to Arlington T.  We stopped at the Halloween Store and Carolyn got the remaining parts she needed for her Halloween costume.  The new revised Arlington T station has the shiny new MBTA maps, which I hadn't realized list all the stops on the purple lines -- and show the water around the airport and include the ferry lines, too.
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