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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

for you organizing types

Okay, so remember my post about, among other things, the fact that my dad essentially got black-listed on the substitute roster?

Well today i got an e-mail from my mom, which included:
jonah had a post about how "Mr. Sweeny is awesome" as a sub.
Any chance of jonah making student generated noise about getting Mr. Sweeny back up toward the top of the sub list? It seems like such a waste for Daddy not to be subbing (and we need the money!). Just a thought :)
So i e-mailed him and part of our conversation tonight went:

Jonah: I'd like to "generate some student voice", and possibly if others knew the situation as well, they'd be willing to support the "Bring-Mr.Sweeny-Back-To-NHS" cause.
me: Thanks. Given that my dad got a spot on the NHS board game a couple yearbooks back and seems to be unanimously considered Best Sub Ever i would really hope other students would be willing to make some noise as well.
Jonah: But we'll talk about that later. I have to go have supper. Bye.

My mother's response was "yay for Student Voices for Mr Sweeny :)" Catchy, no?

So my question to you all is, how exactly would one (or a group of ones) go about "making noise"? I'm thinking first of all, make students aware of what the situation is, teachers too. So then what? Type up a formal complaint explaining why my dad is such a valued/valuable substiute and it's doing a disservice to the students to not have him substitute regularly, get it signed by like half the student body and faculty, and present it to the principal and vice principal? Sounds good to me, but i'd like feedback as i'm not really experienced in anything of this sort.

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