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On my way in to the office from the gym, I talked to Jen S. (who is apparently just back from maternity leave last week).  We talked about how I go to the gym every morning and how impressive that is and how going to the gym is a good thing AND WE DIDN'T TALK ABOUT WEIGHT AT ALL.  She said she hasn't gotten back to the gym but she always feels like she has so much more energy during the day when she's gone to the gym in the morning -- so I suggested that she just go for 15 minutes (since she was saying it was hard to have the time), get herself moving, get her heart rate up, etc.  I was v. proud of myself.  I thought, as I always do, when people say that, that I didn't notice myself feeling more awake or energized or anything when I started going to the gym, but it occurred to me that I was already doing a  good bit of walking in the morning, so I probably ALREADY had that positive effect at work in my system.

JenS. and GeorgeKevin-at-the-gym both said maybe I don't mind the cold so much because of the way my metaboliosm is as a result of my going to the gym.  I didn't bother pointing out that my metabolism has always been this way.

I spent this morning not charging $200/hr.

New today: Baked potato bar in the food court.  Which is remarkably filling when you take like an entire salad bar worth of toppings.  (I was skeptical at first because the potatoes were like fist-sized and you could only take one two.)
All 3 conference rooms were occupied, but Katie had the bright idea that we could use the tall tables and chairs that are by the coffee.

I spent this afternoon actually doing my job.

Cate and I went to Taming of the Shrew (see previous entry).  I got home around 11pm, hence not posting.


It snowed in the morning.

A few minutes before 5, Scott -- whom I hadn't seen all week -- showed up.  We hugged and twirled 540 degrees because I fail at 360.  I told him about sermon-writing and he said, "I wasn't tagged in that facebook note," and I said, "Because we're not facebook friends -- I looked for you on facebook a while back and couldn't find you."  So he logged on to facebook (where we learned that there are 5 people with my name but with the surname spelled the other way, and 5 people -- myself included -- with my name who spell the surname my way) and friended me.  Can I say how much I love that his response to my telling him about my having finished my sermon was, "Why haven't I gotten to read it?"

We chatted for like 20 minutes and then walked to the T together.  As we were leaving campus, my housemate called me to tell me that we had no power.  Her phone number's the one one file with National Grid for our apartment, so she'd gotten a voicemail about this -- indicating we wouldn't have power until ~2am (flames 25 feet high and flying manhole covers -- good times).  She had called Rachel before she called me, and Rachel said we could stay with them.

I felt like I would have been okay spending the night with no heat (that's what blankets are for, after all) but just in packing an overnight bag I realized how irritating it was to try to do anything in the dark.  [On my way home, ~6pm, I passed a house where people had trufac lit candles.  Yeah, we are at the time of year where the sun sets around 6pm.]

I love the tight twirl I HAVE MISSED YOU hugs I get from Scott, and I also really enjoy the boyfriendy "it is good to see you" hug-cuddle that I got from Jason when I showed up at Local 50.

We joined their foodler order from Lilly's Gourmet Pasta.  I got spinach gnocchi with pink vodka sauce -- v. tasty (though I thought I asked for Sundried Tomatoes and instead I got halved Cherry Tomatoes).  Later, Ricky made us all Caipirinha.  Eh, alcoholic sugar water is not so much my thing,

The ALCS game was on the tv, which I was so uninterested in, so I played on my computer (Cate says my laptop is sexy), including checking out Scott's facebook profile.  As a preface to making commentary, I explained that that he's my favorite doctoral student and blah blah blah.  The first thing Rachel said was, "Why aren't you dating him?"  ♥


The day was sunny and often warmer than I had expected, which was good.

Kim and James did the bulk of the work of helping Allie move, but once we were unloading the van I felt like I was being useful enough to merit my taking up space there.

We read from 14,000 things to be happy about (revised and updated) while we waited for Alma.  ...  Interesting.

We broke for lunch at Bloc 11.  I got The Maple -- which I hadn't realized was a salad.  They gave it to me in a takeaway container because they were out of salad plates, which was actually good as I ended up taking some home (I did have a late breakfast of 2 egg&cheese sandwiches from Dunkin's).

Ari called me ~4pm.
We talked for 2 hours.  ♥
In telling a story, I said, "especially since he's been socialized as a guy."  Ari said, "I love that we're so careful about our language around gender -- and by 'us' I mean 'you'."  I said, "I was actually going to say that I think one of the big reasons I am so careful with language around gender is because of you -- because it is so frequently a part of our conversations."


~4pm, it looked like clumps of snow were falling outside my window.  It then appeared to have dissipated, but when I was on facebook later the recent statuses of local friends confirmed that I had not been hallucinating.  (And at 4:16pm my mom TEXTED me.)  ~4:30 it had resumed in earnest, so I got to walk in it all the way to church.  I kept telling myself, "It's October; I should be upset about this," but I kept giggling and singing to myself "This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."


[gym] Oct. 13-16

[~7hrs sleep] Tuesday [gym] 45min treadmill (4.0incline, 4.7mph)

[~6hrs sleep] Wednesday [gym] <40min weight room

[~7hrs sleep] Thursday [gym] 45min treadmill (4.0incline, 4.7mph)

[~6.5hrs sleep] Friday [gym] ~35min weight room
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