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[catching up] ~update

[gym] Oct. 19-23

[~6.5hrs sleep] Monday [gym] 45min treadmill (4.0incline, 4.7mph)

[~8hrs sleep] Tuesday [gym] ~45min weight room
(This was in part because I got distracted watching highlights from the Broncos/Chargers game.)

[~8hrs sleep] Wednesday [gym] 45min treadmill (4.0incline, 4.7mph)

[~7hrs sleep] Thursday [gym] ~37min weight room
I was little surprised by this as I felt very much like I sped through stuff, though that also meant that there were times when I stopped to let my breath calm down.

[~7hrs sleep] Friday [gym] 45min treadmill (4.0incline, 4.7mph)


[gym] Oct. 26-30

[~6hrs sleep] Monday [gym] 45min treadmill (4.0incline, 4.7mph)

[~9hrs sleep] Tuesday [gym] ~35min weight room

[~6.5hrs sleep] Wednesday [gym] 45min treadmill (4.0incline, 4.7mph)

[~8hrs sleep] Thursday [gym] ~35min weight room
One of the arm machines was "currently under repair."

[~6hrs sleep] Friday [gym] 45min treadmill (4.0incline, 4.7mph)


(Halloween weekend)


In conversation Friday morning, Scott was telling me about a store that already had its Christmas merchandise out -- which we agreed was odd given that it wasn't even yet Halloween. Scott mentioned that they had Christmas underwear but hadn't had Halloween underwear, which seemed odd to him since, "Halloween is a kinkier holiday than Christmas."  I agreed, and we discussed how no one dresses up as Santa Claus or anything like that for Halloween.
I said, "Because adults usually want to go as something funny or scary or sexy.  And Santa is none of those three."
Scott said, "But he's morbidly obese" -- and I was going to push back, but then he said, "So 90% of people would be scared, and 10% would think it was sexy."
My reply: "Yeah, after I made that list  of 3, I thought I should caveat: Your Mileage May Vary, Your Kink Is Not My Kink, all those Internet acronyms."


Before lunch, Sara and I chatted some.  We had both made weekend plans not really thinking about the fact that it was Halloween on Saturday.  Friday night she was gonna be phonebanking for Maine's No on 1.  She is (afaik, entirely) straight.  <3


At Singspiration, MikeF. asked how things were, and I realized I was really consciously NOT saying anything my church involvement.  This is largely because I don't have a succinct way to explain it, but I think I was also purposely closeting because I didn't want to get into discussions about my opinions on theology, liturgy, etc.  /o\

I appear to be able to mostly park my theology at the door at Singspiration -- I sang all the hymns as written (and I only actively winced during "Stand Up for Jesus").  However, I winced every time a speaker referred to God as "Father" or used male pronouns.

We sang "Lord, I Lift Your Name on High" except it was SO SLOW.  I was confused.

Mark came in while we were singing "Standing on the Promises of God."  I know the chorus, so I was still singing when I started to give him a huge hug (and then I stopped singing because I decided that would be weird).  He asked me if I knew where his wife was and I pointed and said, "She's in the purple, right?" because earlier I had thought I had recognized her from the back and had been confused that he wasn't with her.  (Though there was totally an open seat in between her and the other person in the pew, so I should have guessed that she was saving a seat for him to come late.)  I was indeed correct.  \o/
I also correctly identified Marilyn from the back, though I hadn't realized it was Laurie with her until I actually saw them from the front.

One of the soloists was from SCBC and when I bumped into her in the bathroom she said, "We see you in the morning," and I was prepared to have to explain why I go to Adult Ed but don't stay for service, but she went on to say that they pass me on College Ave. when they're driving in the morning and wave though she doesn't know if I know it's them.  I was really touched.  (She doesn't do Adult Ed, so we've interacted very few times.)

When my mom and I were saying goodbye to JoeF. afterward, he told my mom that he missed her, and she said, "I hear your living room is always open." and they agreed that they should have coffee sometime.  Then he told me that we should get coffee, and I agreed.
Joe: "We can make a list of all the things we disagree on."
my mom: "And my daughter would make that list."
me: "Or we could make a list of the things we agree on.  Whatever you want, Joe."


I went to bed around 1am, woke up various times throughout the morning before finally getting up ~11:44.

I considered heading to the health food store in Norwood to see if Ava was working, but I wasn't sure when my mom was gonna be back from helping at the Halloween party at UCN* (though I suspected she probably had her cell phone on her).
Walking to the train station to catch the 5:05pm back into the city, it occurred to me that I feel weird going downtown and not going to the library, and also that I probably have some baggage around going to someone's workplace to look for them.

*It so bizarre to me that UCN (conservative church that it is) is doing a Halloween party -- esp. given recent posts from Christians on my flist (one from a personal friend and one in a faith community) about a discomfort with Halloween.


Ari and I were talking about the impulse to correct people -- "But you are wrong; now you will be right."
I commented that we would be such great Evangelists -- "You do not have this Truth; your life would be better if you had it."



Ian: "It's 4:45 and it's dark out."
me: "Max just said the same thing to me five minutes ago -- "It's 4:40 and it's already dark out."  I said, "It's lighter out in the morning."  Max doesn't think it's a good tradeoff."
Ian: "Neither do I."
me: "I do.  Because I actually have to get up in the morning.  Unlike you all, who can come in late."
Jean: "I don't think you're converting them."
me: "Yeah, I know."
Jean: "I think you should keep trying, though.  Tell them their organizational lives depend on it."
me: "I don't officially work for Ian or Max, which gives me less leverage..."

Not gonna lie, I was surprised by how light it was when I got up this morning.  Not gonna lie, I was surprised by how dark it was when I left work this evening.
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