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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

I brought home dessert from ~church for the second night in a row.

Dinner with Scott opened with him asking if I had fun anecdotes from the week.  I said I felt like I'd been getting work done fairly steadily this week but no anecdotes sprang to mind, and I said I'd finished writing a sermon today, and we talked about that.  He said I should actually -- I don't think he said "preach" but, yanno, deliver a sermon, and I said Tiffany had told me Cambridge Welcoming's pulpit is open any time I want, and I said I'd probably wait until the new calendar year (i.e., after Advent et al).  He was asking me where my church is, and I think this was disconnected enough from this conversation (we tangented a lot) that the connection literally didn't occur to me until he said, "because if it's close, then I could come hear you give a sermon."

He was surprised that I didn't know Zac's gay -- and that I haven't met Zac, or Sonia.  He may come to this Wednesday's seminar and sit in the back with me and Sara :)

At one point I said something about the fact that everything becomes my job because I'm the most competent staff person on the floor -- and then I hastened to caveat that I love Katie and she's totally the second most competent staff person on the floor and he said it's a wide gap (with no offense to Katie) and I was like, "Aww, heart, thank you," and he was like, "Um, I'm happy to state obvious facts in front of you."

We went to Keith's birthday party -- and did not get lost.  We also passed the be-spiderwebbed houses on Russell Street I had seen before Halloween.

At the party we watched the first three episodes of ALF (thanks to Netflix).  Wow, this show ran from 1986-1990.  (And I totally watched it as a kid.  My preschool school picture I'm wearing an ALF sweatshirt.)  It is not a high-quality show at all.  But we had so much fun watching it tonight.

I love how one-of-the-guys the daughter was in the pilot episode, so I was sad that in the third episode she has a boyfriend.  [Edit: Not that you can't be "one of the guys" and also date a guy; I was just enjoying reading her as a babydyke. /edit]

From episode 2: "May I suggest a murder-suicide?"  People frequently commented on stuff that you couldn't do on tv nowadays, but I didn't know there was ever a time you could say that.  It was funny, though.

In episode 3 one of the guys who works for the President actually uses the phrase "commie pinko."  (Though the moral of the story turns out to be about nuclear disarmament.  I think.  There was a lot of peanut gallery talking over the episodes.)
"Air Force One, how may I help you, Sir or Madam, as the case may be."  I wanna start answering my work phone that way.
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