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my week of not being here


I had my six-month dental appointment.  When the cleaning was done, Comedy Dentist said "you're free as a bird" and then said that he recently had a patient who had "free bird" tattooed on the inside of one of her fingers.  He said he didn't ask her about it, 'cause it was their first session.  His assistant was like, "Really?" and he said, "Actually I was running late, so I was pressed for time."  We were both like, "Oh, that makes much more sense."


I had Sara and Kate over for dinner.  They both helped cook (this -- which was Sara's idea).  I kept saying I felt like I should be thanking THEM and they were like, "But cooking is fun."  Clearly a value creating endeavor :)

And Sara brought cupcakes from Sweet (I had the chocolate one, and it wasn't bad, but I was unimpressed), and Kate brought half a Carvel turkey ice cream cake (which my housemate helped us finish off).

Thursday, Sara got me a thank you gift -- Godiva dark chocolate covered cherries and a card that just says "happpiness" on the front, under which she had handwritten "= pasta with butternut squash and a turkey-shaped ice cream cake..."

From conversation with la bff later that night: TLGN knew when Advent begins this year thanks to me.  *squees*


Tuesday night, Molly emailed the listserv saying (in part), "Some of you have tomorrow off, and said you are coming to office hours at the Diesel! I'm so glad. We'll be a big First Church caffeinated jamboree. I'll share my earl grey with you. Look for me in the 3rd booth. It's so nice to have a booth, the way y'all get pews of your own."

I hadn't even bothered to put her Wednesday morning Diesel office hours on my calendar because really, 8-10am on a Wednesday...  But hey, I did in fact have that day off.  I spent about a half an hour there.

Then I went to the gym.

I came in just at the end of Act 2 of "The Short List" (The West Wing 1.09).  My heart just about burst at how THEY ALL LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH.  (Okay, also I facepalmed because there is no "freedom of expression" enumerated in the First Amendment.)  Which makes me think of chosen family, which makes me think of Buffy and Angel and also the queer community and then CWM (and so then also church).

And they love what they are doing so much.  Which is again reminiscent of church.
DONNA: You shouldn't feel uncomfortable about interviewing me.
JOSH: I met you. I talked to you. I hired you. You know anybody around here who uses drugs?
DONNA: Yeah.
JOSH: You want to tell me who they are?
JOSH: Good for you. Consider yourself interviewed.
DONNA: You're a good boy, Josh.
JOSH: Donna, I've seen your records.
DONNA: I know.
JOSH: You need to learn that 'no parking' means no parking.
DONNA: The thing is sometimes I can't find a space.
JOSH: Go to work.

JOSH (to Danny): She likes cheese. C.J. likes goldfish.

TOBY: The president can paint his own picture.
JOSH: Yeah, but he listens to you. [beat] When did we get the idea that Harrison was our guy? When we used to talk it was never Harrison.

LEO: I guess you're the guy with the worst job in the building this week, huh?
JOSH [laughs] I was interrogating this intern from the Legislative Liaison's Office, and she broke down crying while telling me about the bong she had made out of an eggplant.
LEO: You can do that?
JOSH: I used to use a potato.
LEO: You've always been industrious.

JOSH: You're Leo McGarry. You're not gonna be taken down by this... small fraction of a man. [stands and opens the door] I won't permit it.

C.J.: You were right.
DANNY: I know.
C.J.: The word 'subpoena' appears in the lead in every story of this morning's papers.
DANNY: I know.
C.J.: Not yours.
DANNY: That's just 'cause I couldn't spell it.

BARTLET: Josh is a smart guy.
LEO: No sir. Josh is a young guy.
BARTLET: We used to be too.
LEO: You know it's gonna make things very hard for a while.
BARTLET: You fought in a war, got me elected, and you run the country. I think we all owe you one, don't you?

Walking from Fields Corner to Dunkin' Donuts I found myself reciting my pre-meal grace prayer...because apparently prayer was what I needed to be doing in that moment.  (I can't imagine why I would have anxiety preceding dropping by unannounced to see a friend at work whom I haven't been able to get a hold of in some time.  /sarcasm)  I got about 20-25 minutes of one-on-one time, which was good.

I sat in Kennedy Park and talked to my best friend for about an hour.  Al walked by and said, "It's a bit cold out for that, isn't it?" and I said, "It's actually warmer out than I'd been expecting" -- though when I used the bathroom before the seminar I realized just how red and cold my hands were.  (I think it was like upper 40s F.)

I walked in behind a security guard, so I still don't actually know if my ID card works on the exterior doors (it wasn't so working over the summer).

The seminar ended ~4:30, so I got to church a half hour early.  The room was actually mostly set up already, so after I finished the set up I sat down with my laptop and started some emails -- because yeah I need to debrief and process like some people need to breathe.

After Rest and Bread, Gianna and I were both debating about staying for the Extraordinary Relationships book group.  She had only read the first chapter and wasn't blown away but it as she had hoped to be given the way Molly had talked about it.  I said I'd been intrigued from reading Molly's emails about it, but that when I'd actually looked up the book online I hadn't been inspired, so I hadn't read any of the book, though I didn't feel that would be a problem for me in having strong opinions.  She decided to go home since she's out every night this week.  I decided to go home, too, in part because my impression is that the book is a lot about healing wounded/broken relationships, and that just doesn't really resonate with my life (for which I am v. grateful, obv.).


I am reminded that I am an introvert.  When my reserves are depleted, I don't want to go out and do social things.


The West Wing at the gym was "He Shall, from Time to Time" (1.12) which, meh -- though I did tear up at the end.
BARTLET: You have a best friend?
ROGER: Yes, sir.
BARTLET: Is he smarter than you?
ROGER: Yes, sir.
BARTLET: Would you trust him with your life?
ROGER: Yes, sir.
BARTLET: That's your chief of staff.

I came in to the office and did the one thing I hadn't done on Thursday which needed to get done by the weekend.  IT came by around 9:30 to take my computer.  I then hung out with Katie and Greg until about 10:15.

Walking home, it was BEAUTIFUL out (though apparently only low 50s).

I haven't heard "coming up" in ages, but hearing it on a random mix I still expected "make them apologize" to be next [see imperfectly album].

I figured out an "in" into this Sunday's lectionary and wanted to stay home and work on my sermon.  But Liz C. from CHPC and I had plans to meet up at 2pm and I really wanted to do that too.  Except she totally spaced (and we hadn't exchanged cell phone numbers, so I couldn't call her).  I considered going to see if FCS was open so I could use their free wifi (I'd brought my laptop, not realizing Mr. Crepe's wifi isn't free), but instead I left Scott a voicemail, ordered some food, tried to read Pope John Paul II, and headed out to Alewife (switching to Jonathan Sacks).

At Coffee Hour on Sunday, Mary R. had asked me if I'm ever able to take Fridays off and attend the thing at Salaam's house.  I said not really but that I actually had this Friday off.  She gave me the address, and I used mbta.com to figure out how to T there -- and did in fact successfully navigate the bus &etc.
This used to be a Women's Bible Study, but is apparently a Women's Group.  Which was mostly okay ... though I do not feel any desire to take time off in the future to go (which is good to know).

After I got home I talked to my bff for a while and eventually Scott called me back, so both of those were good.


I'd been feeling like maybe my body was moving to a 7hr/night routine because I kept waking up at like 5:30am this week, but Friday night I went to bed at like 10:30pm because I was tired, and I kept waking up Saturday morning and thinking, "Should I be getting up?  No, I don't have to get up."  I eventually got up around 8am -- and then went back to bed until like 10am.

It was rainy and I was not excited about leaving the house.

Pope John Paul II continued putting me to sleep on my train ride out to Dorchester -- but coming back I stood reading while waiting for the train for ~10min and was fine for the ride back.

I was feeling lonely and sad and mildly depressed, but I was getting better as the evening progressed (I did get my reflection written for the CHPC Advent booklet -- though I didn't get much work done on my sermon), but I was glad to get to phone with my bff for ~1hr.


Between about 8:30 this morning and 9:30 tonight, I was literally home for 25 minutes.  SCBC adult ed, CHPC worship service and book study, home, memorial service for Trelawney, Tallessyn, and Tamarleigh's mom, CWM worship service and dinner, re/New.

I have lots to say about church, but short version (because sleep is important) is: better than I had expected.

The memorial service made me cry, and I wanted to call my mom and tell her I love her.  But service ended like twenty minutes before 5pm (when CWM was scheduled to start upstairs), and I used that in between time to hug the Grenfell clan and socialize with people I don't see much and went upstairs at like ten past five -- at which point service hadn't quite started yet.
from "What I Learned From My Mother" by Julia Kasdorf:

I learned to attend viewings even if I didn’t know
the deceased, to press the moist hands
of the living, to look in their eyes and offer
sympathy, as though I understood loss even then.
I learned that whatever we say means nothing,
what anyone will remember is that we came.
My mom called during Prayer Time at CWM (I had my phone on vibrate).  I decided it probably wasn't urgent -- especially since she didn't leave a voicemail -- so I called her back on my way home.  We talked for about an hour and a half -- mostly about my day of church (incl. the memorial service).
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