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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

first day with my new work computer; catching up and looking ahead

I have a shiny new computer at work.

Outlook loads almost immediately -- instead of taking like 20 minutes.  Which is really what I wanted out of this upgrade.  Though mail searches take a long time, which didn't use to happen.  I'm hoping that's temporary.  I forgot that I have to redo all my settings -- and my new keyboard feels not quite responsive enough or something -- but I'll live.

Catching up on all my email etc., I was reminded why I don't like taking time off from work (not that I didn't already know this -- not like I wasn't already feeling uncomfortable about taking the day off, even though it had been a slow week and I knew it would be a slow day and I didn't check my email at all after I left the office Friday morning and I didn't stress about that almost at all).  I mean, I definitely had time to do stuff like talk to Scott, and a lot of what I was doing was new work that had come in today, but I also kept going back to take care of the stuff I had flagged as "Can wait until later" from my first pass at my email this morning.  (I also felt inherently unmotivated and stressed out by a bunch of the tasks on my plate, which is never good, but hopefully I can push through that and it will pass.  Getting enough sleep tonight will probably also help with the lack of focus and energy.)


In re/scheduling with 3+ different (sets of) people today, I was struck by how -- despite the fact that the only recurring appointment I have is Wednesday evenings -- I have almost no free evenings.

11/23, 11/24, 11/30, 12/1, 12/8, 12/10 -- and I stopped scheduling at that point.

Okay, I am also free tomorrow evening, but my plan for tomorrow night is grocery shopping and bff phone call -- esp. since I'm planning to go to the Harvard Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender/Queer Women's Lunch.  (I am also free the afternoon of the day after Thanksgiving.)

I have started to be routinely double-booked -- and not just, "I have four events on my calendar for this night, any number of which I have some minimal interest in," but "There are two things this night, each of which I would quite like to go to."


Roza will be out of college 2 years this spring.  I will be out 5.

She lives with friends from college, and most of them are still only friends with people they know from college -- whereas she is going out and meeting people at Sacred Eros and SCA and all that.

It continues to surprise me that I'm not actually friends still with most of the people I knew in college.

What particularly struck me tonight was how difficult if was to call to mind the people I'm friends with now whom I know from college ... because they're so enmeshed -- like, Cate is part of the overlapping life I have with my housemate, so I don't immediately think of her as someone I know from Smith; I think, "Cate knows Melissa, and Jason, and has met some of my HBS people."

Like, this Saturday Melissa asked me if I was going to this thing that Rachel was organizing, and I was like, "Um, given that I have no idea what you're talking about, that would be a no."  I thought about saying, "You know Rachel and I are not actual friends.  I mean, I don't dislike her, but we only ever interact at parties or whatever; I'm not on her social distribution list or anything."

I like that my circles of friends don't feel compartmentalized -- I mean, most of my friends aren't actually friends with each other, but I feel like they can all mingle easily at a party.

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