Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

emotional, what?

I kept waking up this morning from dreams wherein I was Really Emotional, which is unusual for me.

The first one: I was at church and Ari's pastor wasn't there [I must have been at Ari's church] and I was FURIOUS [at the pastor for not being there].

The next one, I had gone to a store or something with someone, and the person I was with was filling out her info in some card, and the person at the desk offered me an info card to fill out and called me by name, and I said, "I didn't tell you my name," and the person said, "Yes you did," and I decided not to push it, but I was really creeped out.  Connected to this somehow was a big white church building (like the one on College Ave.) filled with creepy spirits (like I could literally see blue and red -- awake!me wonders now if this was connected to the fact that I finally watched "Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version" last night), and a whole bunch of people I knew were going, and I was really concerned.  I was praying really hard, and later I was told that a whole group of people were holding them in prayer (like in literal protective spirit energy) -- only they could only do it for the women, and I wanted to know why we couldn't hold the men, too (Dan was particularly on my mind, I think because awake!me knows I owe him financial records for CWM's Council meeting this Sunday).  Tiffany came back, and I practically jumped into her arms and hugged her hard I was so glad to see her, and she was glad to see me too.  And then we shifted scenes and I agreed to some sort of vocational discernment meeting.

The last one was a Smith College reunion -- though nothing there actually resembled Smith (except eating in Hubbard), I just knew, that way one does in dreams, that it was a Smith reunion.  This was intermixed with stuff that I'm not clear had any relation to Smith or reunion -- like Ian sitting on a couch sewing a quilt; and a whole bunch of dance-ish performances in a gymnasium which I kept interrupting by accident, thinking they were done or something; and people were getting married (at Reunion?), including Leilani (awake!me suspects this last bit is connected to the fact that in recent weeks two different people I know have gotten engaged what seems to me like really quickly).  That one wasn't really emotional, and my 9:00 alarm woke me up during it -- at which point I got up.

Yeah, I think going to First Church to help them set up for Advent sounds like a good thing.  (That's at 11am today, and I'd been planning to go anyway, but yeah.)
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