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happy liturgical new year

When Sara and Kate came over for dinner earlier this month, we used some of Melissa's cookware, which led to me and Melissa talking about Thanksgiving plans -- i.e., she was going to be hosting family Thanksgiving in our apartment, so would that be an inconvenience for me or was I going to be out of town?

I said I would be at my parents' for Thanksgiving, though only for Thanksgiving Day, and talked about how I'd be meeting my brother's girlfriend for the first time and how my brother had invited me to the Aquarium with him and his girlfriend for the Saturday after Thanksgiving.
Melissa: "So you won't be bringing Jason."
me: "Um, yeah, I wasn't really planning on making it a double-date or anything."
Melissa: "No, I meant to Thanksgiving."
me: "Um, no..."  [thinking: "He has multiple long-term significant others; I just assumed he had plans."]

I was surprised that she was surprised that although my parents haven't actually met Jason they totally know about him.

Melissa and I went to Thanksgiving at Local 50 the night after Thanksgiving (from about 7-11pm).

There were more people than I was expecting (I was expecting some approximation of being able to fit around their dining room table, but it was more comparable to the number of people who are usually at their parties), but I say that as a value-neutral statement.  I wasn't particularly talkative, but I did chat with some people, and I've been to enough Local 50 parties that most of the people feel familiar so I don't feel particularly uncomfortable just kind of hanging out quietly.

And I got hello and goodbye hugs from Jason of the "I am ever so glad to see you" sort, which is always nice.

I told people I'm gonna be preaching January 10 (Baptism of Jesus Sunday) and various people were all, "Oh, I wanna come hear you preach," which surprised me 'cause they weren't necessarily people who I think of as being particularly interested in theology or particularly good friends of mine.


On Monday, Laura Ruth emailed the listserv saying that at 11:00 Friday morning they'd be decorating the sanctuary for Advent -- and she sent a couple of reminder emails throughout the week.

I showed up at like five minutes of eleven.  Like I do.  I wandered around the church a bit, debating about poking my head into Laura Ruth's office.  At 11:00 she came into the sanctuary.  I said, "My 11:00 is not other people's 11:00."  Laura Ruth agreed.  But within a few minutes, Harold and Betsy and the male Duhamels showed up.

About quarter to one, Laura Ruth and Betsy and I went down to the church office to try to make a double-sided cardtock print job work.

After we'd been working on it for about 45 minutes and I'd basically given up (though Laura Ruth hadn't -- sidebar: on Thanksgiving, my brother's girlfriend was gobsmacked at my mother's assertion that I'm more stubborn than my brother is), Ari called, so I took that call, which lasted for ~3hrs, with interruptions for:
(1) me to make a phone call -- "Hi, Laura Ruth, it's Elizabeth.  The side door won't lock behind me and I would like permission to leave."
(2) me to take a call from my brother about what kind of digital camera I want (mine has ceased working, so since we were getting my mom one for Christmas he picked out one for me, too, and they're both getting shipped to me so I can giftwrap mom's, and I wrote him a check for the relevant amount); my options were blue or red, and my instinct was blue because I always get neutral colors, but I decided actually I wanted the red one.

Laura Ruth emailed us later:
I'm writing to thank you for your wonderful work today. It was a pleasure to see you, a pleasure to work with you.

Our church looks beautiful. You made it so. Thank you.

And Saturday was the Aquarium.  So I didn't feel like I really got much "at home" "vacation" this week.

I was tired this morning and I don't know if it's because I got "only" ~8hrs of sleep, if it's because I got up ~7:30am instead of ~9am, if it's because I'm starting my period, or what.

I accomplished my Advent 1 sermon before leaving for morning church.  I'm not all that happy with it, but I finished it.  And I got really lovely comments on it from cadenzamuse, which improved my afternoon.
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