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[week] one of these days i will have energy again

Monday, Jason and I went to
dance on down the rabbit hole
Join Sexy Alice as she journeys through a world of bondage cards, naughty bunnies, coked-out hatters, and fabulous queens!  Flesh, music, drinks, and desire...a special one-night-only engagement sure to titillate, tease, bewitch and amuse.
Jason's verdict: "needs moar plot" and "get more naked."  (Yeah, it kind of failed at being burlesque.)

But it was worth the price of admission for the Red Queen killing all the Alices to Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" (which song I don't even like [YouTube link] -- though, as with all Lady Gaga, it is indeed catchy).


Scott's gf's dad works at Brandeis, and someone told him about a production some Brandeis folks were doing that was "an Alice in Wonderland story."  They went last Sunday, and apparently "an Alice in Wonderland story" meant "a female character ends up in a strange world and has bizarre adventures."  Scott does not recommend it.  [Play is "Reckless" -- which I think I read about in the metro, but I can't find that online so instead I found boston.com]


Friday I went to Singspiration.

I saw John P., whom I haven't seen in ages (apparently he's been doing Awana, but he was filling in for Don T.), so I gave him a serious hug.  He asked what I'd been up to, and I talked about various things and also said, "In January I'm preaching at my radical, queer gay, progressive church."  He was like, "Really?" and I said, "Yeah.  You're invited, once I get my act together.  I thought: 'I want to invite the people who loved me at my old church that is now so conservative.  They'll hate it, but I want to invite them.' "  He didn't really know what to do with that, but to his credit he just asked what I was preaching on.  (I said, "Well, it's Baptism of Jesus Sunday, so I'm talking about baptism, and the lectionary texts are a lot about the Holy Spirit, so I'm talking about the Holy Spirit.")

I've mostly been leaving my theology at the door recently at Singspiration, but Ari and I have been talking recently about feminine language for the Divine, and so when the first hymn was (iirc) "He Lives," I found myself singing "She" for "He," and did that for all the pronouns re: the Divine for the entirety of the evening (though I still sang all the "Lords" -- though I sometimes whispered "Queen" when it said "King," and I did sing "Child" for "Son" and "Mother" for "Father").  (Though in "O Come All Ye Faithful" I was tempted to leave "o come let us adore him" because saying "adore her" in that context made me think of Marian Adoration.)  I was really startled at how it helped make these familiar words new (I kept wanting to use the word "reclamatory").

Introing "In the Garden," Pastor Bill talked about how the author had a dream and he started by saying that he saw a figure of a woman; I thought, "It's Jesus!" and was really surprised that this guy was going the Julian of Norwich route or whatever; but it was Mary (at the tomb, and then John shows up, and then Jesus comes out of the tomb).

Every time I heard someone say "Merry Christmas" I thought, "Happy Hannukah" (which had started at sundown that night) and "Blessed Advent," but I didn't actually say anything to anyone (I don't think anyone said it directly to me except maybe like as they were leaving).

There wasn't anything that outright offended me.  Oh, except Joe F. talked about MC'ing Stacie's Black History Month concert and how he was like, "You know I'm white, right?" and he said that honestly he doesn't think she sees that and isn't that great, that's how God is.  I internally facepalmed.  A metaphor that occurred to me today was: Nobody says, "Look at this wonderful garden," wanting the viewer to say, "Oh, I don't see roses or tulips, I just see beautiful flowers, isn't that great?"


Waiting for the train at Montello on Saturday, I heard a guy say to another guy: "Survivor Series -- Stephanie and Shane sold WCW and ECW to Rick Flair.  And Steve Austin came back and took out Kurt Angle and became a face again.  I don't know how he did it, he just did."  I haven't watched WWFE in years, but oh, my heart.
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