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I keep forgetting we're coming up on New Year's nevermind the supposed end of a decade.

My New Year's Resolution for 2009 was "Ask for what you want."  With a possible extrapolation/corollary of "When you have something you think should be said, say it."

Sat. Sept. 12, I thought my NYR should be: "Get enough sleep.  Srsly."

I support continuing both of these for 2010.

My one phrase summation of 2009?  This is the year that I really stopped thinking of fandom as where I live (replacing fandom with church).  I never really got back into watching tv after the mid-season break of the 2008-2009 season, so yes this really has been true all year.


In 2009 I:

* Went to San Francisco for work (Jan. 2-5).
* Went to the gym every workday morning except 3 (and came in to the gym on 4 days I'd taken off from work but was in town, plus 1 holiday).
* About midyear, starting regularly upping the difficulty of my cardio workout (and also my weight room workout).  By year end, moved from 45min treadmill @ 4.0mph/1.0 incline to 4.7mph/4.0 incline.
Early/mid October I noticed muscle definition in my upper arms.  (Okay, Jason noticed it *lessee, when was our first date?* the end of April.)
* Got my wallet back.
* Decided on a Lenten disciple (read one Psalm each day) and did it every day except 1 (I don't take Sundays off from Lenten disciplines).

* Went to the Women in Media Convention.  *nods solemnly*  (Apr. 3-4; Boston, MA; roomed with jadelennox, marginaliana, fox1013)
* Went to my second writercon (Jul 30 - Aug. 2; Minneapolis, MN; roomed with itsabigrock and others -- knotted_rose and alixtii)
* Went to RMN Convo (Sep. 4-7; the YMCA of the Rockies at Estes Park, Colorado; roomed with Monica and others)

* Had a Reiki session.

* Was actual Financial Secretary at CWM.
* Bumped my church involvement up to 5* (plus occasional forays to Arlington Street UU and Temple Shalom Medford).
*SCBC pre-service Sunday morning, CHPC, CWM, FCS UCC Rest and Bread, CAUMC small group
* Did an ecumenical summer.

* Did a whole lot of sitting with people in their pain.
* Went to a Bruce Springsteen concert.

* Started (very) casually dating jadasc.
* Made out with a girl I barely knew at a party.

* Had probably my worst mental health year ever (which really wasn't bad -- mostly avoidant phases around work and other productivity).

* Had a joint-birthday (and one-year-belated housewarming) party with my housemate.
* And another party.

* Started (July-ish) attempting to cultivate a discipline of saying grace before meals.

* Went to FUH's place in Maine (with Ian).

* Gave blood 5 times (and had one unsuccessful attempt).

* Audited 2 classes over the summer (Intellectual Property and World Religions) and took 1 class for grad credit in the fall ("World Religions Today: Diaspora, Diversity, and Dialogue," which I ultimately Withdrew from).

* Did not get laid off.

* Said "church: ur doin it wrong" a lot and had various vocational discernment conversations.
* Started writing weekly sermons.  (And agreed to preach aloud in front of a congregation.)
* Went to Advent weekday morning prayer (every weekday morning during Advent).

* Bought a tiny blue laptop (and case).

* Met and made fast friends with Scott (my favorite doctoral student).

What do I even say about redacteds v. 1 and 2(.5)?  Not much. obv., 'cause redacted.
For prompting my own recall:
Engagement, breakup(s), rebound.  Good Friday, Independence Day, the end of the summer.
No super sekrit romantic getaway.  No visits to jail.  Field trips to Dorchester.
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