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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

I miss pasta and burritos.

I'm used to the Grille being closed when the students are gone, but I'm not used to half the Food Court being closed, too. Now my options are:
Sandwich station (vegetarian options: egg salad; cheese -- with lettuce and tomato)
Sushi (which, yes, has vegetarian sushi)
International buffet (meat entree/s and assorted sides)
Salad bar
Soup (3, usually 2 of which are vegetarian)

This week I have had:

Monday: egg rolls and snow peas (International bar -- "China: Guangdong")

Tuesday (salad bar): cold ziti with sundried tomato and parmesan; mushrooms and spinach and tofu; tomatoes and olives and mozzarella; corn and black beans (and onions :( )

Wednesday (salad bar): [I'm totally blanking] and mozzarella; three bean salad w/ feta; and a toasted English muffin (because what I was really craving was toasted bread with peanut butter ... though I was wrong in thinking that there were mini things of peanut butter floating around :( )

So, I'm getting varied food, the salad bar is doing a good job of having lots of prepared stuff (I'm not big on traditional salad, so when I go through the salad bar I usually end up with: spinach, grated carrots, corn, broccoli, chick peas, kidney beans, tofu, and some cheese -- which is fine, but not something I'm excited about eating with great frequency).

Except today I really wanted something hot.

I got:
International Bar ["U.S.A.: The Gulf Coast"]: Succotash and Hoppin' John (neither of which I've ever had before -- the former appears to be corn and lima beans and the latter rice and black-eyed peas)
Salad Bar: "two beans, one cheese" and some mushrooms
and an overpriced "Belgian" hot chocolate (comfort food, ahoy)

I haven't touched the cold food yet, but the hot food is actually quite good. So I still can't call fail on Spangler. But I will be glad when (probably after MLK Day) I can get a single hot vegetarian entree.
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