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It started snowing around 7:20 this morning.  I really enjoyed my multiple opportunities to walk outside in the snow (today's job market candidate totally gets points for her happy willingness to transit outside).  I was less stoked about all the puddles on my walk home, as the snow had turned to a light rain, but I managed to not get soggy feet.

I came in to work to an index card on my desk that said (in red pen) "Inverted-color smiley face. .. ." and on the back (in yellow highlighter) was a smiley face with with a speech bubble that said "QED."  Yes, Scott is back :)  We went to lunch together (yay, pasta station is back!).

Busy day at work.  No one got mad at me, though.  Or if they did, they didn't tell me so :)  And I managed to grab B. for the assorted scheduling info I needed.

I can haz additional stalker tool.  And I got my gold star for a side project in the form of a chocolate cookie the size of my hand.  (A not very good cookie, as it turned out, but it's the thought that counts -- and I was hungry.)

I emailed MikeN. a copy of my sermon.  He replied, Subject "great job"
I enjoyed your sermon.  The baptism of Jesus is important in so many ways.  While the details differ (don’t they always) between the Gospels the fact that this event is recorded in all four Gospels indicates how important it was.  I think you need to get over your not liking congregations thing and think about seminary.  Maybe God thinks so too!
I laughed.  I'm glad that my reaction is laughing rather than screaming about how there are legitimate reasons to question my fitness for ordained ministry and why can't I be a lay preacher?
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