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{ i'll be watching you / from the wings / i will come to your rescue / if he tries anything }

This morning's lectionary readings were:

2 Chronicles 34:1-7
Acts 10:44-48

FCS-Ian commented on the juxtaposition of the 2 texts -- the one about forcing other religions out and the other about inviting them in.  "Forcing them in," Tim D. commented -- "The circumcised weren't very happy about it."

Someone asked why Josiah became king at age 8, and I glanced at the preceding sections and said the previous king had done evil and been assassinated.  FCS-Ian commented about how boiled down these stories we get are -- that all we hear about Josiah's reign is that he destroyed all the temples of the idols, and for his father we hear even less, just that he did evil and was assassinated.  He wondered what one would say about his life if one were to so boil it down.


There were flurries of snow throughout the day today.  They kept quieting down when I went outside, which was disappointing to me.  But I walked outside returning from bringing the speaker to the seminar, and it was snowing big flakes :)

I was looking forward to walking home in the snow, but it had stopped by the time I left work.  Around 6 it finally started snowing again -- and quickly began snowing in earnest.  6:15 it had stopped.  *shrug*


I spent close to 2 hours with Pastor Tiffany at Mr. Crepe tonight.  Pastoral care and vocational discernment, and I am going to bed instead of writing about it right now, but I feel really good.
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