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When I got up this morning, I saw it had snowed, which was a pleasant surprise.  And I got to walk in the falling snow as I walked to work, both before and after the gym.  (Though it was sunny enough during the day -- and above freezing -- that most of it was gone by the time I left work.)

And bracketing the day, tonight I found a great pair of pajama pants I'd forgotten I had.

[FirstChurch Mailing List] Rest and Bread and then Deacons

Dear Beloved,

Molly and I went to the picket line yesterday, to ask the Hyatt Hotel to pay attention to the real live people they fired, back in August. Almost all of the workers we met yesterday were immigrants to our country, just as we all were. Two of the workers had worked for Hyatt over 20 years, Droopy and Lucy.

Our scripture tells us, instructs us that we are to care for the immigrants, for the widows and orphans. As a people we've been doing this for seven thousand years. Tonight at Rest and Bread, we will reflect on this practice, reflect on how this practice brings joy and makes us free.

Our service starts at 6:30. Music for meditation begins at 6:15.

Our Deacons meet at 7:30. [...] These are the folks who look out for the spiritual life of our congregation. Please, won't you say a prayer for them, and for us as we meet together for the first time tonight?

Laura Ruth
Setting up for service, I avoided getting hit by a door while carrying some of the Elements.  I said something about not getting Jesus hit by a door, and Laura Ruth said, "It's not Jesus yet," and I said that I don't believe in "making" it Jesus, and Laura Ruth said that she doesn't believe there's some magic that makes it Jesus but rather the assent of the community, and I said that I have such a low theology of Communion that for me it's more like, "Well I don't think it's every really Jesus, so..."

Service was just the three of us -- me, Laura Ruth, and Keith.

The Sacred Text was Psalm 146, Nan Merrill's version.

When Laura Ruth began her Reflection, Keith shifted his chair so he could look at her (he was sitting next to her) and she shifted her chair accordingly and then indicated that I should come join (I was sitting across the semi-circle from them) and so I came and sat on the (carpeted) floor, because I felt like it -- and stayed there until we all got up for the Passing of the Peace.

Laura Ruth talked about her experience yesterday, and talked about "the dance of justice" -- and invoked Jesus' Matthean "least of these."

During Prayers of the People, Laura Ruth gave thanks for me -- for my "sweet, deep spirit," and then some other stuff too.

When I did the Confession, I said, "those moments we have fallen short, have missed the mark -- those moments where have abstained from the dance of justice, or obstructed the dance of justice," and Laura Ruth smiled at me approvingly (yay thematic tie-ins).

During Communion, we all gathered around the table and did the service jointly.  Giving each other Communion, Laura Ruth gave Keith the Cup and said, "The cup of salvation," and then realized that wasn't the language we use and asked him for the correct words and he said, "The cup of the new covenant," and I said, "It is also the cup of salvation -- Jesus is a many-splendored thing," and so then when she gave me the Cup she said, "The cup of salvation."
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