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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

and i have freshly washed sheets

Numbers 20:22-29
Acts 9:19b-25

FCS-Ian hadn't printed out the lectionary readings, so they were literally waiting for me.  (I was on time.)

Joan did the Old Testament reading and I did the New Testament reading.

Re: the OT, Joan commented on the mercy present there -- that Aaron not only knows he's going to die but knows he's going to be with God, that God says, "There are consequences, but you are still coming to be with me."  And Aaron also knows that his work will live on in his son.

We also talked about how Aaron (and Moses) don't get to enter the Promised Land and how that is often the case -- that you need different people to lead different parts of a journey, the visioning versus the building for example, which of course made me think of Tiffany's leaving.


CAUMC small group canceled tonight due to Sean's recovering from illness.  Which means I can get to bed at a reasonable time.

And I'm leaving work about a half an hour early tomorrow to head to the 24-hour prayer retreat with First Church Somerville.
Tags: church: somerville: ucc: morning prayer, people: church: ian

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