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"She said: Babygirl, do you not know..."

Every morning, I walk by the Tufts field by the Powder House rotary and there's a woman there with her dog. This morning she told me that she sees me every day in my purple hoodie (I still say it's a dark blue, but a guy on the T the other day also referred to it as purple) and she feels so cold just looking at me, and she thought, "What if she doesn't have a coat? I remember when I didn't have a coat." I said really I just process cold differently than other people, that I have a much stronger tolerance for cold than most people so I really don't feel cold. She was like, "Yeah, but when it's windy, or rainy..." and kind of insisted, so I took the black, down, L. L. Bean coat she handed me. (Does it make it more or less surreal that earlier this winter, I was walking through Harvard T one morning and I must have looked really red or something 'cause someone came up to me really concerned that I didn't have a coat?)

Then chainkill caught up with me and I was like, "I just got handed a coat by that woman in the park because she was worried about me being cold -- restores my faith in humanity." He told me about the philosophy of the school he works at -- that everyone wants to be good (which he defines as going good things) and if they're not good it's because they're lacking certain skills that would enable them to. It reminded me of the Christian ethic that each person we encounter is a beloved child of God and so we should love them too.

The metro guy at Harvard T said to me, "You don't get the day off like your kids do?" and I laughed and said no. I thought, "How do you I know I work for Harvard University? and I thought none of Harvard had canceled for today," but as he kept talking I realized that he probably meant the public schools -- which I guess meant he thought I was old enough to have kids?

Around 9:25 this morning, I went over to get second breakfast and there were occasional flakes of snow falling from the sky :) Edit (10:08am): And Laura Ruth just emailed the listserv Subject line "I'm watching the snow start," and so I looked out the window behind me and indeed snow is visibly falling from the sky. /edit

Oh, and I got a card from my mom last night.

front (which has glitter *waves at Ari, and Amy* ):
[picture of a smiling purple cat]
Every family should have someone as AMAZINGLY NICE and SPECIAL as YOU.
Thank goodness you have an exclusive contract with us!
With Love
Plus a personal note. ♥ my mommy :)
Tags: family: my mom loves me, the kindness of strangers, weather: snow: 2009-2010

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