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Luna (Julie Anne Peters, 2004) [2010-02-13]


I reread this after having finally read Parrotfish. My mom got an ARC of this through work (and gave it to me, obv.), and I have barely any memories of that first reading experience.

Ari read this book last year (July, 2009) and commented, "it was really pissing me off (because the protagonist is the younger sister of a trans girl, and she, the protagonist, is trying really hard? But she gets pronouns wrong, and doesn't really understand, and I am auto-fixing pronouns in my head and it's really, really frustrating)." So when I read it this year, I had Ari's comments very much in mind. As I was reading, I kept forgetting about Ari's criticism because it felt so natural that Regan (the trans character's little sister) was referring to her sibling with male or female pronouns depending on how the sibling was presenting -- though yes of course it's problematic, since Regan's sibling is female, regardless of presentation.

Other notes:

I really didn't care about Regan's het romance plotline -- and I winced a lot.

After I finished the book, I found myself wondering who the target audience for this book is.
Tags: books: queer, books: read, books: ya, issues: trans

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