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Succede ogni giorno. (It happens every day.)

Brooke has an Italian phrase-a-day calendar, and that one is taped to our dry-erase board.

Allison said something that i think is so true about going back home. “The people who have stayed around will still be the same people. The people who went away will have changed. The people who are still the same will annoy you. And the people who have changed are the ones you will have the most in common with, for ths most part.”

We change by the speed of the choices that we make
-from “Out of This World” by Bush

The website i loved so much now resides here.

Talked to my 3rd NHS ‘01er today. This time i IMed her in response to an away message. We chatted briefly and then she had to run. I think there’s something comforting about talking to people i hung out with in high school, like it brings me back to the safe easiness of senior year. (Wow, whoever thought i’d ever say that?)
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