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So, the short version of the story is that on January 23 of this year, I got yelled at by Terry's wife (Colleen) because she thought we were having an affair.  When I went to see him at his workplace a week later (he no longer had a cell phone) he said, "I'm being watched.  I can't talk.  Colleen hired a private investigator."  We haven't communicated since.

As of January 23, he had a trial date scheduled for March 5 for a marijuana charge from last January.  [Edit for clarity: I would like to know whether that resulted in jailtime or not.]  marginaliana couldn't find anything for me, so she sent me a CORI request form.  Which I got back from the state today, stamped: "THERE IS NO RECORD [illegible] AVAILABLE UNDER THE PUBLIC ACCESS PROVISION OF THE NEW CORI LAW. (3/24/10)"

Um, I guess that's a good thing?

Though part of me thinks, "Are you sure you're pulling the right person's record?  Because he's done jailtime within the past year, so shouldn't that show up here?"  Though given that he was out on house arrest after some months and was then still having court dates re: that charge, maybe not.


It is lawful to request this agency to provide a copy of another person’s publicly accessible adult conviction record. For the adult conviction record to be “publicly accessible” the person whose record is requested must have been convicted of a crime punishable by a sentence of five years or more, or has been convicted of any crime and sentenced to any term of imprisonment, and at the time of the request:
1. is serving a sentence of probation or incarceration, or is under the custody of the parole board; or
2. having been convicted of a misdemeanor, has been released from all custody or supervision not more than one year; or
3. having been convicted felony, has been released from all custody or supervision for not more than two years; or
4. having been sentenced to the custody of the department of correction, has finally been discharged therefrom, either having been denied release on parole or having been returned to penal custody for violating parole for not more than three years.
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