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i can has lectionary!

After service this morning, Peter said he hoped we would get to the Crucifixion for Friday.  (Today's Gospel reading was Mark 12:1-11.)

I said that actually this lectionary jumps out of Mark for Good Friday and Maundy Thursday -- that Good Friday we jump into John with Peter's denial of Jesus.  But I said that we could rewrite the lectionary if he wanted to do the Crucifixion for Good Friday.  He said he did.  So I flipped through the NRSV I was holding to find it in Mark.  Then we talked about reading the Last Supper on Maundy Thursday -- the lectionary we've been using gives us a passage from Corinthians about the Last Supper, so again, I found it Mark.

Peter commented that it was strange that we didn't get the Last Supper and the Crucifixion.  I said they probably assume that you're going to evening service, where you'll get the full story.

Early in the conversation, I had commented that when I told FCS-Ian about the lectionary going off from what I would have expected, he had said, "I'm happy blindly following the lectionary," so clearly he didn't have strong feelings, so if Peter had strong preferences I'd be happy to do that.  (And I was actually really glad to get to do the story in Mark for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.)

FCS-Ian said that one reason he was happy to just follow the lectionary was that he just assumed it would give us appropriate readings and didn't want to have to look up the Crucifixion/Last Supper in Mark himself.

I said, "That's why when I emailed you I copy-and-pasted the Maundy Thursday and Good Friday readings, because I knew you wouldn't look them up."

I said, "The answer to 'I don't want to look something up' can pretty much always be: Elizabeth will."
FCS-Ian: "You don't feel put-upon by that expectation?"
me: "No.  If I do it, then I know it gets done and it gets done properly."

As we were heading out, FCS-Ian said to me, "I'm surprised you don't bring your own Bible.  It must be work to de-genderize all the language.  Do you have a Bible that you like?"
I said I have The Inclusive Bible, which doesn't de-genderize as much as I would like (it still uses male pronouns for Jesus sometimes, for example), plus I walk so I don't really want to be carrying that much additional weight in my bag, and I've sometimes thought about printing out the lectionary reading (since I know in advance what it will be) and hand-editing it and bringing that, but that's killing so many trees...
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