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Last night, Laura Ruth thanked me for the Reflection I gave -- said it was good for the community.

Yesterday, Laura Ruth emailed me: "I've been thinking about you all day, as you prepare for the reflection tonight. I hope you're feeling the light." The second part of her email was about rescheduling a lunch we had planned. She emailed ~4:30pm, so I didn't have a chance to reply before service. She asked me about it before service and I gave her my answer and said I would email her so she wouldn't have to worry about forgetting. In my reply email this morning, I also said, "I'm glad that last night went so well."

From her reply:
Yes, things went very well last night.

The structure, content and delivery of your reflection was wonderful. Specifically, for structure - you laid out your startling thesis - Jesus was about relationships, and then said maybe the opposite, don't hang on to me. Then you gave biblical and theological context for your thesis, and couched the biblical and theological context in experiences we had in common or have had in common, the Holy Week services. You let the experience bear the ideas! Lovely. And then you did the hermeneutical transfer. We're letting go of important teachers, especially in light of having seen/experienced the resurrected One.

Your reflection was both theological and pastoral. Your pastoral leadership in Rest and Bread is the first public leadership our congregation has experienced about my leaving. You did it beautifully, authentically, kindly. Well done, Elizabeth.

Your delivery was well paced, easy to follow, compelling. You seemed to be channeling spirit rather than ego for the sake of the congregation's uplift and well being. Well done, Elizabeth.

Yup, we've got ministry to do, especially in the light of the resurrected One.

Laura Ruth
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