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[Easter 2] Rest and Bread

Before service, Laura Ruth told me she liked my Easter 2 "Wounded Healer" sermon.  :)

Liz D. stopped by with baby Nora, and in talking about Sunday's service of baptism, Laura Ruth called me "Liz."  I know she knows what my name is, so I asked, "Did you just call me Liz?" mostly just to clarify that she really was actually referring to me (which I explained).  She said, "I'm sorry, my love."

Heh, sitting across from Laura Ruth in her soft blue button-down shirt and Keith in his soft pink button-down shirt.

The Sacred Text was Luke 24:13-35 -- the road to Emmaus.

When [Jesus] was at table with them, [Jesus] took bread, blessed and broke it, and gave it to them. Then their eyes were opened, and they recognized [Jesus] -- I want to say that Laura Ruth actually tacked on "in their midst," because I think I mentally filled in only "and in each other" (hi, Communion liturgy).

Keith is recently returned from a vacation in Asheville, and in his Reflection he talked about Beholding (nature, people, etc.).
The line that most struck me in his Reflection was "precious, fragile, damaged" -- he turned out to be talking about nature, but I was thinking about how in truly Seeing/Knowing someone, you see all of them.
Rituals help us behold people in (particular, special) moments.  In my contribution to the "We Reflect" following, I said that my immediate thought to that was, "Like Communion," but that it's so easy to just go through the motions, and so we are reminded to be really present with people, in ritual moments and always, because we don't have an infinite amount of time with anyone.

During Communion, during the Words of Institution, Laura Ruth did the Cup and went off book and said something like, "The Cup of blessing," which I was really glad of, since I am increasingly uncomfortable with "this is my blood, the blood of the covenant [poured out for many for the forgiveness of sin]" without some interpretive work articulated around it.

In the Announcements, Laura Ruth said that next week Keith would be the Reflector again and then she would for the next two weeks and then her time with us is finished and this service will carry on with Keith and Elizabeth and Tara (who's been leading the music these past couple Wednesdays) and others.

After service I told Keith that it had occurred to me recently that now that it'll be us-two instead of us-three doing the service that I might be doing the Reflection more than once a year and maybe we should talk about that.  He agreed that yeah, we should talk at some point.  (I'm not worried about it, since I've been helping do this service for two years.)


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