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Okay, putting laundry away and then bed.

So, last night I went to an ice cream social for admitted Smithies, and I saw an acquaintance of mine from college and went over to say hi to her and one of the first things she said to me was, "You look tired."  After the ice cream social, I went to the re/New visioning meeting at Blue Shirt, and one of the first things Jeff V. said to me was, "You look tired."

I actually had good energy entering both of those spaces, so I was a little surprised by these opening reactions, but "worn out" was unquestionably the theme of my week.  I was up too late most nights, and I'm grieving Laura Ruth's impending departure, and I think I am somewhat burned out and need some time off from going into the office -- I had plenty of downtime this week, but I didn't have the brainpower/energy/whatever to actually read and process much in the way of blogposts or to work on catchup/planning emails, catchup posts of church writeups etc., book reviews, sermons, or posts for Blogging Against Disablism Day [sidebar: this blogpost may be of interest to those of you who were querying about "disablism" vs. "ableism"].

I had my last session with my picked-her-out-of-the-phonebook therapist the Tuesday of Holy Week, and last week I finally followed up on her suggestions for a new therp.  Appointment with most promising one was yesterday, and that went well.

And I felt better today, even before lunch with Cate and bonus surprise flourless chocolate cake (er, the cake was hours after and distinct from Cate's visit).

My plan for tomorrow is to get a lot of sleep but to get up in time to give blood in Arlington and then go to the Harvard div library to pick up 2 books on deaf theology and assorted texts on homiletics (after the meeting, Jeff V. and I had a long conversation about sermon-writing and a book he read in seminary, Preaching Without Notes, and when I went to add it to my GoodReads I found more than one book by that title, so I read Amazon reviews to make sure I shelved the one he was going to loan me, and one review suggested a host of additional texts on homiletics).  Oh, and to call my Grandma ~5:30pm because I told my mom (who is on vacation!) that I would.


via rydra_wong: [community profile] lifting_heavy_things

daedala suggests that 2 sets of 8-10 reps is fine.  A couple weeks ago, I upped the weights I've been doing, and doing my usual 3 sets of 12 has been challenging, so I think I'm going to try upping the weight some more (when I first upped it and did 3 sets of 8 it was surprisingly easy) and do 2 or 3 sets of 8-10.

I also want to find my copy of Smart Girls Do Dumbbells so I can think about maybe adding some more free weight exercises.
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