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[aquapocalypse] signalboost

So, the boil-water order is lifted. [Edit: and apparently the water turns out to have been safe all along.] Sidebar: I was hoping DSLJ would have a "love that dirty water" tag or something for all the posts on the topic over the weekend. (I was mostly obedient and didn't fill my water bottle from the tap or anything, but I am also lazy and not immuno-compromised, so I brushed my teeth with tap water. liz_marcs said, "we're all drinking the equivalent of really clean lake water if we don't boil." Some junior faculty and doctoral students were discussing the situation yesterday morning, and when I relayed that line, Ben said, in a tone of, this is really not a big deal, "So it's like eating dirt -- I eat dirt all the time.")

jadelennox wrote:
tahnan had a brilliant idea:

(paraphrased from his post)

For every day my city has to go without drinkable water, I hereby pledge $1 to a charity that helps bring drinkable water to places with actual water problems. I pledge a minimum of of $20. According to The Water Project, "every $10 donated provides 1 person with clean water for 10 years", and that seems like a fair tradeoff, doesn't it?

Join me. Make our "tragedy", by which I mean "minor inconvenience for a week", into someone else's funding for decent hygiene and infrastructure.

Boost the signal. Pass it on.

Does anyone know of a high-quality, ethical, sustainable water philanthropy? I know that water projects, in particular, are plagued by sustainability problems once the grant money runs out and the philanthropists wander off. There's been one recommendation so far for Deep Springs International.
I did rockstar arms when someone in JL's comments mentioned UMCOR. Because I am so !Methodist.
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