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friend of a friend at dinner on Friday: "So what do you do for fun?" / me: "... Church."

Sacred Eros last night's theme was “Wild Sex, Wild Spirit.” Way to be liturgically appropriate :)

We attempted to answer the question of what makes sex "spiritual." I appreciate that the facilitator always brings up immanence, that "spiritual" doesn't (have to) mean non-bodily. So I struggled to articulate -- in a way that didn't veer into problematic endorsements of transcendence -- an idea of connecting with something (could be another person, could be something deep in yourself, could be a Higher Power) in a way that you don't connect in like "mundane" life (I kept thinking of RJ's "Everything Belongs" post and trying to not perpetuate a false sacred/profane dichotomy). The facilitator said something about "transformative" and I had a fleeting desire for Transfiguration porn before I decided that would squick me. I also like the phrase someone used: "spirit-nourishing"

Someone came late and apologized for being late and said he'd brought food.
I said, "Your sins are forgiven."
Without missing a beat, Roza said, solicitously: "Would you like to commit some more?"

Someone brought up Annie Sprinkle's ideas of how there are different kinds of sex, just like there are different kinds of food -- junk, gourmet, health...

I had brought my netbook with me -- largely because Roza and I had planned to compare datebooks -- and at dinner with Roza's family beforehand I looked up the derivation of the term "co-opt" and why the Salvation Army's motto is an Indigo Girls song. At Sacred Eros I looked up lots of things, including whether it's still illegal to sell sex toys in Texas, and I was remarkably undistracted by the Internet, which impressed me. (The last re/New visioning meeting I brought my netbook to I was so distracted by the Internet.)

One of the congregants attendees grew up Episcopalian and I forget what he said exactly (something about sex never being talked about in church), but I was like, "Song of Songs!" So I looked up TextWeek.com to see if that book does ever make into the Sunday lectionary, and apparently Song of Solomon 2:8-13 (which is quite tame) shows up as a lectionary option a couple of times -- one Sunday in Pentecost in Year A you can use it in place of a Psalm, and one Sunday in Pentecost in Year B you can use it instead of the Deuteronomy reading.

Our personal religious backgrounds came up in various ways, and at one point I got off on a tangent about my church (CWM) and visiting Arlington Street and saying I was too Christian to be UU and people reminding me that there's a spectrum of beliefs within UU-ism -- "At King's Chapel they even have Communion!" The facilitator said that First UU JP makes a point of saying "God" all the time. He also said that of course there's a spectrum within Christianity, and so if you wanted to really get a feel for Christianity you should attend a variety of services -- his list included "Pentecostal, Russian Orthodox..." I knew I'd been to a couple Orthodox services, but I couldn't remember if I'd technically done Russian Orthodox. Checking my tags, the one I went to in my hometown is Greek Orthodox and the one I went to in Boston with sk8eeyore was "Founded in 1910 by immigrants from the Russian and Austro-Hungarian empires."

Roza was like, "It's summer! We could go church-hopping again!"

I had already planned to visit Harvard-Epworth United Methodist Church (where our pastoral appointment-to-be also works) and Mosaic (Samuel's morning church -- which is apparently v. much like CWM ... except for the theology), so that works out nicely. Roza put in a request for "High Mass" (I didn't have a chance to ask exactly what she meant by that) and also suggested Scientology (the facilitator jokingly suggested we attend in V for Vendetta masks).

And in keeping with the planning ahead theme... If I ever visit cadenzamuse, she totally needs to take me shooting. (Apparently if nothing else, she endorses the idea of that as a bachelorette party -- for her, not me, let us be clear.) wisdomeagle, wanna take me to a shooting range during my visit? :)
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