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Art Night 2

Again, you can view the images with commentary at the LJ gallery or you can view thumbnails (with links to larger versions) and commentary in this entry.

[June 3, 2010] (Art Night 2.1)

I had an image in mind, with lots of swathes of color, but the green went somewhat differently than I had expected, so I decided to go with it and went to start making a flower blossom, but the orange paint was really watery, so I soon abandoned that.

[June 3, 2010] (Art Night 2.2)

I had been reading the daily lectionary options for next Wednesday (when I'm giving the Reflection at Rest and Bread), and one was Jeremiah 8:14-22. I started structuring a piece of art around verse 17, and I wasn't sure exactly how it was going to go. I just sort of played around, and I had really intended to make it more dark and layered (containing redemptive hope, but dark and layered) but apparently that wasn't happening.

(The green paint on the snakes is accidental. The gold is on purpose, from my own stock of glitter pens. The red ~flower is made from tissue paper. Thanks to Julia for helping hold down the tulle as I worked on it.)
17See, I am letting snakes loose among you,
    adders that cannot be charmed,
    and they shall bite you,
says the LORD.

[June 3, 2010] (Art Night 2.3)

I revisited my explosion art from last time.

Having learned about unintentional blending, I started with black crayon, but it was on painting paper (because I was planning to add acrylic) so it came out more grayish because of the texture of the paper. I could make it be black by doing narrower harder lines, but I didn't really want to have to do that to color the whole thing.

I put on silver acrylic, which coated the black more than I had intended it to (lol irony -- every time I want stuff to not just cover it blends, and when I want it to blend, it covers). Then I put gold acrylic on the tips of the black explosions -- which really coated (again, unintentional).

And then I added stars cut out of red tissue paper.

I'd been thinking about Ari and my mom's comments about my art last week being explosions but being bright explosions rather than negative explosions. A lot of the art I had in my head for last night was much darker than what ended up on the page, and I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that what ended up on the page is in such contrast to what was in my head.
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