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Rockstar arms for non-Sunday services!

At the end of Rest and Bread, before the Blessing&Benediction, we have Announcements, which include, "We have 4 services...," and last night a guy who was at Rest and Bread for the first time asked Keith (who had given the announcements) about the other services -- and so I got to talk about Thursday morning prayer, because Keith has never actually been :) Keith mentioned that during the summer, people are often away on weekends, so we often get people at the Wednesday night services who couldn't make it on Sunday, and the guy commented that that was true of his family (they came fairly regularly in March, April, May, but June is suddenly full of weekends away) and so he may continue coming to Wednesday nights -- and he may do Thursday evening prayer too, 'cause they have a young'un so at 7am he's already up anyway :)

Earlier that day, FCS-Ian had emailed us Thursday morning prayer folk asking if someone could open up the church and set up and lead the service -- he and his wife needed to go to Connecticut for a memorial service for her uncle -- and I said I'd be happy to but I don't have a key to the church.

Keith got me a spare key from the office -- which he suggested I hang on to for a bit, because he'll be away next week, and while Jason D. will help lead service, this guarantees I'm not locked out of the building :)

So I got to church extra-early this morning and set up and it was getting close to 7 when I remembered to put on music and I was about to start lighting candles, wondering if maybe no one would show up (Ari, I was reminded of you and your cricket) but then this girl from Tufts came in (apparently she knows Jeff V. from Tufts, and I guess she was here this past Sunday?), and Tim D. (who's mostly been in NJ 'cause of work) also showed up. I'd forgotten that I also had to lead the music, so I asked NewGirl if there were any songs she particularly liked -- which I quickly amended to "any songs you know" when she, flipping through the booklet, commented that she didn't know a lot of these songs -- so we sang "Morning Has Broken," softly and not necessarily in tune, but it was fine.

And while I was on the phone with cadenzamuse this morning, someone I knew in high school facebook messaged me: "Hey are you a priest or a minister? Just wondering"


I was possibly more stressed about giving the Reflection last night than I realized. Yesterday I was feeling tired and etc. and trufax deferred phonecall with Denzi, and I'm not any more well-rested today (why do I keep waking up ~5am?) but I feel much cheerier and more energized.
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