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The bag I brought with me to Pride today contained (among other things): a bottle of water, a bag of almonds, a bottle of sunscreen, an umbrella (which apparently leaks a little? today was the first time I'd taken it out -- and it was a free gift from the American Red Cross), my jacket (because it was too warm to wear before the Parade), 2 egg-white&cheese/English muffin from Dunkin' Donuts (which I ate between the Interfaith Service and the Parade).

It did not contain extra batteries, so my pictures of the Parade (which will be posted on Monday because my 9-year-old computer doesn't talk to my new digital camera) stop about an hour into the Parade.

I saw various people I recognized -- at the Interfaith Service (which ends by 11:30, for future reference), in the Parade, and at the Festival.  The world, it is small (as always).  I also hadn't realized that Feminist Hulk had become such a big thing.

The bystanders watching the Parade included a guy who had a sign that said JESUS FORGIVES SIN on one side and JESUS SAVES FROM HELL on the other.  Both of which I agree with, but probably not in the way he meant them :/

I appreciated the signs like "Jesus Loves You and So Do We" and "Non-Judgement Day is Coming" from various church groups :)

The sign that almost made me cry was held up by a middle-aged woman and said (iirc): "I just want my daughter to have the same rights as yours"

There was a whole contingent urging people to boycott Hyatt -- "Anti-Worker & Anti-Gay. Sleep with the right people."  The folks I was with were confused and asked if something had happened recently.  I said yes and then clarified that the precipitating event had happened in December or something -- because I remember having mixed feelings about spending any money on the Hyatt when I went to Arisia, which was in January.
Nobody else had heard of this -- apparently this is what happens when I go to churches that are concerned with worker justice -- so I gave a brief synopsis about the Hyatt 100.
Our compatriot who used to live in DC said that in DC, the Hyatt was the only hotel that would host kink events.

The parade ended where we were ~1:50 (having started where we were ~12:20, same as last year).  Dunno if that was 'cause of the rain (it rained from ~1:20-1:40) or what.

We followed the Parade up past the State House all the way to Government Center (which we haven't done in years past) and I got ice cream and some other folks got fried dough and we found CWM (at the same time that my TBC-worker housemate did -- "Miss Trans New England might be crashing on our couch tonight") and then went to Faneuil Hall to get real food (I got spanikopita from Steve's) and then we came back to browse more and then headed out ~4.

And then I came home (via the grocery: oatmeal w/o raisins is so not as good, IMO) and my best friend and I looked at underwear models online For Research.  (It actually trufax was for research.  Sometimes I pick fights on the Internet.)
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