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churches wot are mine

I went to FCS this morning.

I cried during the sermon.  (I was glad to cry, honestly.)

I caught up with Mike R. during Coffee Hour.  We talked about CWM, and he commented that his experience of being there was that it was trying so hard not to offend anyone, and he didn't really get anything else out of it.  I said that was unfortunate, though understandable.

I, of course, love that CWM tries so hard.  FCS has become a place that is also my home, but there's plenty I would change about it.  Not that there isn't stuff I would change about CWM, too, but I feel like I have more ownership of how CWM does church because it's so small (at FCS there are so many more, and so many varied, congregants to take into consideration) and also I feel like I have more grounds at CWM -- because CWM is explicitly trying to be a radical queer church, whereas FCS is doing a more mainstream thing (and again, has a larger and broader congregation full of needs and histories and preferences which need to be balanced).

Mike R. talked about how we need to do outreach, and I agreed.  And I thought yet again of conversations Ari and I have had about our respective tiny queer churches, so I pose the question she asked her flist: If you were able, would you visit my church (other than to just go with me once)? why or why not?  (Obviously I know the answer/s for many of you, but feel to comment regardless if you would like.)


Jess said she and Missy met online and spent their first date talking about Christian pop singers.  This gives me hope for my finding a life partner :)
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